Consulting conference on education quality assessment in 2022


TVU – Recently, Tra Vinh University collaborated with Bac Lieu University to open the Conference on Consulting on Education Quality Evaluation in 2022. Attending the conference were Dr. Dang Diep Minh Tan – Head of Quality Assurance Department, Tra Vinh University and the delegation; Dr. Tien Hai Ly – Vice Rector of Bac Lieu University with teachers, Ms. Quality Assurance Council and members of specialized groups.

Attending the conference, the members shared experiences in quality assurance, self-assessment and evaluation outside the educational institution level and training program level from Tra Vinh University. Specific work contents include: Guidance on updating self-assessment reports and assessment plans outside educational institutions according to the standards of the Ministry of Education and Training; Introduction to training program-level accreditation according to international standards such as AUN-QA, FIBAA and ABET.

At the end of the Conference, the two units agreed on the implementation method and the plan to complete the self-assessment report; Estimated time of assessment outside the educational institution level and the plan to conduct the assessment at the training program level in accordance with the reality of the University.