Contest for excellent Party cell secretaries in 2023


TVU – A contest for the excellent Party cell secretaries in 2023 is held on September 14 and 15 by the Tra Vinh University Party Committee, with the participation of 47 candidates who serve as secretaries and deputy secretaries of Party cells and associated Party branches on the university’s Party Committee.

During his opening remarks at the contest, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh—Party Committee Secretary and Chairman of the University Council—mentions that the contest for the best Party cell secretaries is one of the Party’s essential political activities. The goal of the event is to boost participants’ situational management skills, increase the quality and efficacy of the Party committee and cell operations, and strengthen the Party members’ capacity for leadership and fighting spirit. The activity also aids in developing and enhancing the ability to deal with real-life issues of secretaries and deputy secretaries of grassroots Party cells.

The contest offers Party members, cells, and committees at all levels the chance to improve their awareness and comprehension of Party activity, share practical leadership lessons learned through operations, and promote a variety of innovative cell management ideas. Additionally, it fosters a productive and realistic environment for learning and competing inside the Party, assisting party members in strengthening their sense of responsibility for the positions they hold.

During the contest, contestants have to go through three rounds, including an introduction, general knowledge concerning the Party, and situational questions.

This year’s self-introduction round is different from previous ones in that candidates not only introduce themselves and their current units but also the circumstances, notable accomplishments, benefits, and drawbacks of the Party cell or committee in which they are now serving.

The questions in the round of essential information about the Party and Party building center on the fundamentals of the XIII Party Charter, regulations and instructions for putting those fundamentals into practice, as well as the policies and resolutions of the Central and Provincial Party Committees and superior Party committees directly related to the cells.

The main focus of the situational question and sub-question parts is on how Party committees, cells, and cell secretaries handle real-world issues and practical solutions for Party building in departments and units.

Along with the First, Second, and Third prizes, the organizing committee awards Consolation prizes at the conclusion of the contest to the participants who have provided the best responses to the theoretical and situational questions. Additionally, candidates who place highly this time are chosen to compete in the contest at the Party Committee Agencies Group level.

By Lan Anh