DACUM seminar for Early Childhood Education


TVU – The Developing a Curriculum (DACUM) seminar for Early Childhood Education was held on December 18 at the School of Education with the participation of employers, experts, lecturers, and alumni of the TVU School of Education.

At the seminar, the delegates continued to discuss and offer suggestions for the fundamental skills that graduates of the Early Childhood Education program should possess. As a result, the training curriculum has been revised to match the output criteria required by society.

The rector of Ben Tre IGC KIDDY School, Ms. Tran Thi Thuy Duy, claimed that 50% of the school’s instructors were chosen from TVU’s Education major students. According to the rector, all of them possessed the necessary levels of professional competence and excellence. However, there is a greater need to focus on developing expertise in education for exceptional children, providing experiential learning activities, and creating a secure learning environment for children.

Preschool instructors must possess certain qualities, according to Ms. Pham Thi Truc Mai, Vice Principal of Tra Vinh Laboratory School, including the ability to manage class groups and handle situations, behavioral skills, as well as professional ethics of a teacher.

The delegates recommended that in order for the pedagogical knowledge and skills taught at TVU to meet the required standards, the content of internships, extracurricular activities, and practical experience activities should be improved. Besides, students should be given more skills to integrate into the workplace and meet the requirements of employers.

According to Dr. Dang Diep Minh Tan, Head of the TVU Quality Assurance Department, DACUM is a technique for examining professional abilities in order to create a training program. Universities may correctly respond to the question of what should be taught to students to suit the demands of society by using this strategy. More improvements are being made for the undergraduate Early Childhood Education program at Tra Vinh University to achieve AUN-QA standards for accreditation.

Dr. Lam Thi Bach Tuyet, Dean of the School of Education, stated that the output standards for the training program and the job positions for students after graduation were determined by the survey results and the opinions of seminar delegates in order to supplement and adapt to the needs of students, employers, and businesses in today’s society.

By Lan Anh