Enhancing students’ awareness of renewable energy solutions and energy efficiency for climate change adaption


TVU – To promote initiatives and ideas related to sustainable energy, Tra Vinh University and GREEN IN Company have been running a training session since the end of September titled “Enhancing students’ knowledge of renewable energy solutions and energy efficiency for climate change adaptation”.

This is a practical activity under the National Strategy on Climate Change for 2050: successfully adapt to climate change and achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. The plan offers Vietnam the chance to grow sustainably and contribute actively and responsibly to the global effort to preserve the Earth’s climate. The Youth Union and training specialists from the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology are in charge of organizing the program, which occurs every Saturday and Sunday at Tra Vinh University from the end of September to the beginning of October.

More than 300 students from various majors have registered for the training series. A number of engaging activities were held during the course to further engage the students with the subject of renewable energy. The students put their knowledge into practice by working in groups, producing videos, performing plays, creating their own discussions, and creating models out of common materials like paper and recycled plastic.

Students had a chance to unleash their creativity through making plays and stories on environmental and energy-related topics, short videos from their personal perspectives on the effects of climate change and practical solutions, as well as the renewable energy sources that Green University – Tra Vinh University is pursuing.

Many simple and practical slogans and messages about efficient energy use, and the application of smart and recycled energy usage in daily life and production have been proposed: Energy conservation in response to climate change; Renewable Energy – Health and Environmental Benefits; Use of public transportation to reduce emissions into the environment; Environment is life – Life is the environment; Turn off all electrical equipment when not in use.

Each of our actions, even the smallest, on the efficient and correct use of energy will greatly contribute to protecting the earth’s energy sources, protecting nature, and helping our planet develop more green and sustainable. Every action we take, no matter how small it is, to consume energy correctly and efficiently will help to safeguard the Earth’s natural resources, and promote the planet’s green growth and sustainable development.

Some photos of the training session:

By Lan Anh