Faculty of Economics, Laws & Foreign Languages held a Musical show named Get together


The Musical show named Get Together 2011 was organized on December 23, 2011 with the topic “The Green Planet” at the Hall of Faculty of Agriculture & Aquaculture which attended by many students, volunteers, lecturers of TVU.

With the support of the volunteers at TVU, students of English major classes designed and performed different items such as singing, dancing, play, fashion performance. The items performed aimed to raise people’s awareness in environment protection, saving natural resources to save our green planet.

“Get together” is held annually and this is the 8th show. The show is really a good environment for students to improve their language skills  which they study at this university and to perform their special capacity  and to exchange with each other to study better their major.

The items in “Get together” show sent a message for Christmas and New Year of the students to their lecturers and the Volunteers from other countries working at TVU.

Written by Thanh Son

Translated by Huynh Trang