Faculty of Engineering and Technology coordinated with IBM corporation to hold a workshop named “Let’s build a smarter planet”


“Let’s build a smarter planet” is the theme of the workshop held on December 22, 2011 by the Faculty of Engineering and Technology with the coordination of IBM corporation. The workshop was attended by Mr. Nguyen Khiem- Director of Academic Initiative of IBM in Vietnam; leaders and lecturers of Faculty of Engineering and Technology and students majoring in IT course 2009 and 2010.

At the workshop, Mr. Nguyen Khiem introduced the strategy to build a smarter planet. He stated that “Nowadays, no one wonders whether the technology to build a smarter planet is real or not. Currently, we need to know what to do next. How do you bring the intelligence into a system without the responsibility of any business or agency? How do bring all necessary elements altogether? How do put the issue to prepare a budget? Where should you start? We have had more understanding in the past years about what needed to build a smarter planet. Importantly, we know the companies, cities and our world are really complex systems which require the new things from us as the leaders, employees, and citizens. A smarter planet will require a profound change in management and administration to be more collaborative.”

The workshop is a favourable opportunity for students to learn and to exchange techniques with IT experts. Besides, IBM supported students in technology, materials for research, necessary skills. It frequently gives training sessions

and examinations to give certificates for students which will help them find jobs more easily.

After the workshop, Mr. Phan Quoc Nghia- Acting Dean of Faculty of Engineering and Technology introduced more details about the subjects of the majors of the Faculty. Mr. Nguyen Khiem supported the technology of IBM for the training programs of the Faculty. He also provided some information about resources and supporting tools for lecturers majoring in IT. The meeting has brought a cooperative opportunity between the Faculty of Engineering and Technology and IBM in Vietnam. The two sides will complete all the necessary formalities for signing Memorandum of Understanding in the near future.

Written by Thien Nguyen

 Translated by Huynh Trang