Get Together 2022 Gala night with the theme “In the Rainbow – Set Sail”


TVU – On the night of December 15, the School of Foreign Languages of Tra Vinh University held the 19th Get Together cultural program to spread the message of maturity with the theme “In the Rainbow – Set Sail”, attracting 1000 students, teachers, and international volunteers.

Attending the concert were Dr. Thạch Thị Dân, Vice-Rector of Tra Vinh University; Dr. Nguyễn Thị Phương Nam, Dean of the School of Foreign Languages, and representatives of leaders of units of TVU.

Dr. Thạch Thị Dân, Vice Rector of TVU sent her wishes for a 2023 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to members of the University.

According to Dr. Nguyễn Thị Phương Nam, Dean of the School of Foreign Languages: After 19 years, the annual cultural program Get Together has spread a strong impression, attracting a large number of students to participate.

The program is an annual activity of TVU to encourage, create a useful playground, and arouse passion and excitement in learning and using foreign languages among students.

This is also an opportunity for students to try many other fields to improve their skills, such as selecting performances, writing scripts, preparing costumes, designing posters, communicating, and organizing events…

Carrying the message “In the Rainbow – Set Sail”, the program aims to the progress of self-maturity, no matter how solid the background is, with many performances featuring English, Chinese, and Vietnamese colors. France. These are the performances choreographed and performed by students of the School of Foreign Languages, creating a happy atmosphere before the new year 2023.

Student Sơn Hoàng Hoa Phượng, class of English Language 2021, said: This is the first time I have attended a cultural program where the whole program is in English. “Get Together” is a spectacular live show with a series of famous songs from around the world.

Hoa Phượng expressed: “Students of the School of Foreign Languages have shown their creativity, dynamism, and personality in the performances.”

Từ Thanh Nhàn,  class of English Language 2019, shared: “Participating in the program helps us exchange, learn and improve our English skills, and contribute to connecting students and students in the school through useful activities.”

The program also creates diversity in learning and practicing English through cultural performances, and theatricalization of communication activities through songs, dances, plays, modern dances, and fashion shows.

The “Vì ngày mai” scholarship fund of Branch 40 was awarded to 04 students who overcome difficulties in their studies, each worth 4 million VND. The organizers also gave gifts to students who have made many active contributions to the program.

Some pictures of the Get Together 2022 Gala night:

By Thy Truong