Giving scholarships and gifts to needy students during the Mid-Autumn Festival


(TVU) – On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2022, from September 8th to September 9th, 2022, the Communication Club organized a series of activities through the program “Đêm trăng ấm áp – Trao yêu thương, gửi trọn đong đầy” (A full-moon night with full of love and full of happiness) to students at Thanh Thoi A Kindergarten (Mo Cay Nam, Ben Tre) and Nhi Long A Primary School (Cang Long, Tra Vinh).

The program was organized to create a joyful and exciting atmosphere for children at school sites and enhance the responsibility of the school, the community, and the whole society for the cause of child protection, care, and education, especially for those with difficult circumstances.

Mr. Do Quoc Vinh – Member of the Executive Board of the Student Union and Chairman of the Communication Club of Tra Vinh University, said, “the Mid-Autumn Festival creates a playground and opportunities for children to exchange and make friends. It also contributes to increasing the awareness of children’s right and bring children the chance to learn and practice life skills. On that basis, give each child more joyful days, helping them grow up in a better environment with many practical activities.”

At Nhi Long Primary School, the students enjoyed various exciting musical performances. They participated in fun and unique games created by students of Tra Vinh University and had a joyful and exciting atmosphere. Thanks to the activities, the students were encouraged to have more energy to overcome difficulties in life and study.

On that occasion, the Communication Club awarded 18 scholarships, each worth 200,000 VND, to students who are in difficult circumstances and have the will to strive in their studies.

In addition, with the desire to give students in remote and isolated areas the opportunity to enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival, on the morning of September 8th, the representatives of the Communication Club visited and awarded 3,500,000 VND, contributing to buying gifts for children at Thanh Thoi A Kindergarten in Ben Tre province.

The total value for the activities of the Mid-Autumn Festival was more than 07 million VND, supported by the Communication Club, Tra Vinh University officials, and benefactors.

By My Nhien


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