Journey to discover a green campus in the Mekong Delta


“Life is a long journey that is connected by trips. Our first trip begins when we become conscious of the desire to reach out and explore the world surrounding.” – Ngoc Huyen Vo Thi, a 12th-grade student shared.   

Huyen’s first impression of TVU is the nature-friendly environment. Tra Vinh University is in the top 200 green universities in the world. Although the facilities are up-to-state, the landscape remains close to nature. In addition, Huyen was surprised at the University’s surface area. The faculties are decorated differently to form uniqueness, which creates a diversified scenery.

Secondly, she was warmly welcomed by the students and lecturers. They were friendly and sociable. Besides, the clean and airy dorm made Huyen feel at home. Living there helped her learn new skills, especially the time management skill when she can both take care of exchange activities and personal activities.

Last but not least, besides teaching facilities and accommodations, Huyen shared that Tra Vinh University has arranged exercise tools for students on the campus. This provides a quality learning program and trains their health, which she appreciated.


In the end, Huyen would like to express her profound gratitude to Tra Vinh University for the most memorable trip of her youth, and the opportunity to explore and experience. She hopes to return to TVU soon, as a freshman.

By Thy Truong