Raising awareness of drug prevention among TVU students


(GSV-GV.TVU) – On July 16, the Youth Union of the School of Engineering and Technology in Tra Vinh University held a propaganda contest on drug prevention and control in 2022. The program attracted more than 300 students to participate. 

The contest contributes to strengthening, disseminating, and educating the legal policies on drug prevention and control among students of Tra Vinh University. In addition, this contest raises students’ awareness, sense of responsibility, and understanding of the harmful effects of drugs on society.

At Tra Vinh University, faculty members always attach importance in promoting propaganda activities to raise students’ awareness of the harmful effects of drugs and build a safe and healthy learning and research environment. 

In the contest, the teams will compete through 04 contests including Introduction, Understanding, Skits, and Propagandists. The skit competition was elaborately choreographed, clearly reflecting the dangers of drug crimes infiltrating the school environment, to show how to prevent and repel them. The program took place to spread the message “Don’t try even once”.

At the end of the Contest, the Organizing Committee awarded 01 First Prize, 01 Second Prize, 01 Third Prize, and 02 Consolation prizes to excellent teams.

By Thy Truong