Student leader passionate about volunteering


(TVU) – “Youth is to give, keep devoting yourself to the community with the passion and enthusiasm of youth”, shared Ly Minh Thuan, the typical student leader of Tra Vinh University.

Youth is to give

As a member of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Student Association, Vice President of the Student Union of Tra Vinh University, Chairman of the Student Club of 5 Good, Minh Thuan has constantly strived, devoted his youth to his passion. Passionate about volunteering for the community.

Being predestined to volunteer activities for the community since entering the university lecture hall, with the passion and enthusiasm of youth, along with the ability to gather union members, Minh Thuan youth has been trusted to hold important positions, showing a pivotal role in students, and is currently one of TVU’s student leaders, always at the forefront of Union – Association movements.

Minh Thuan shared his favorite thing in the process of dedicating to Union – Association activities: “Through community-based activities, I realize more clearly the role and mission of the youth generation in building the community. Building a development community, my favorite thing during the past time is probably that I have devoted a part of my youth to helping difficult situations in life so that my youth becomes beautiful and meaningful. than”.

Born and raised in a rural area in Tra Cu district, where there are still many difficult situations that need help, especially in the complicated situation of Covid-19. Minh Thuan thought that by all means, together with the local government, to help difficult families who are affected by the epidemic. With that determination, Minh Thuan and the local government mobilized 1,700 gifts, more than 05 tons of vegetables for households in the isolation and blockade areas. Besides, support to rescue more than 10 tons of agricultural products (cucumbers, squash, dragon fruit…) for people. Participating in the campaign to help 5 families with relatives suffering from serious diseases. With the total value of activities estimated at nearly 500 million VND.

“5 Good Merits” students, typical union officials

Not only taking the lead in volunteering activities for the community, but Minh Thuan also achieved remarkable academic achievements and demonstrated his pivotal role in the Union – Association movements of the University.

With those positive contributions, Minh Thuan was honored to receive many certificates of merit from all levels, notably: Certificate of Merit from the Central Executive Committee of the Vietnam Student Association for outstanding achievements in the Association’s work and style. student movement for the academic year 2020-2021; Certificate of Merit from the Central Executive Committee of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union for outstanding achievements in implementing the “Exam season relay” program in 2021; Certificate of Merit from Chairman of Tra Vinh Provincial People’s Committee for achievements in the prevention and control of Covid-19 epidemic in the province, and honorably received a certificate of merit from Chairman of Tra Cu District People’s Committee for his achievements for three consecutive years. excellent in performing the Association’s tasks for the term 2018 – 2019, 2019 – 2022 and 2020 – 2021.

Although actively participating in Union – Association work, but still not forgetting his academic duties, over the years Minh Thuan’s academic achievements have always been classified as good and good. Besides, Minh Thuan also received a scholarship to advise him. encouraging learning for students with high academic results. In particular, for three consecutive years, Minh Thuan excellently won the title of “5 Good Student” at the school level in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

“Each person only gets to live once, so how you choose to live is your right. Living actively, bringing many good values ​​to the community and society is a precious thing”, said Ly Minh Thuan, a student of Veterinary University in the 2018 class.

Ngoc Thu