Student Tran Minh Nhut: Success is fueled by a passion for scientific inquiry


Tran Minh Nhut, a 2017 Environmental Engineering Class student at Tra Vinh University’s Institute of Environmental Science and Technology, was awarded the title of Five-Good Student at the Central level in 2021. Minh Nhut has also made significant contributions to scientific studies. He is currently the chairman of the Tra Vinh University Student Union’s Scientific Research Club.

Many people’s perception of Minh Nhut as a “bookworm” is incorrect. His teachers and friends are first and foremost struck by his open communication, dynamism, work excitement, and readiness to share his interest in scientific research with anyone in a serious manner with his brilliant eyes.

Minh Nhut (the third person from the right)

Minh Nhut has achieved significant scientific research results in the application of technology and plants in wastewater treatment despite being a student. Minh Nhut presented “Kinetics of phosphate removal from domestic wastewater by constructed wetland with joyweed (Alternanthera Sp.)” at the 2nd National Conference on “Application of biotechnology in sustainable agricultural and fishery production,” a school-level scientific research project on “Evaluating the efficiency of nitrogen and phosphorus treatment in domestic wastewater by Alligator weed (Alternanthera Philoxeroides); and a school-level scientific research project.

Prof. Harry Futselaar, Saxion University of Applied Sciences, and Tran Minh Nhut at the laboratory

Dr. Tran Thi Ngoc Bich, Deputy Director of the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology, has been impressed by his small size, agility, and willingness to participate in and support his classmates during projects involving experimental models and technical waste and wastewater treatment systems since her first classroom lecture. Furthermore, he has made an impression on his teacher by working late at night in the laboratory to obtain the most precise data for his research topic. In addition, his dynamism serves as a crucial watchdog when he participates in community support projects. Minh Nhut has been the best student in terms of research and learning achievements for many years due to his consistent efforts in scientific research and learning. 

Minh Nhut has also been awarded a fellowship from the Erasmus+ program for students with outstanding scientific research achievements to complete a 5-month internship at Saxion University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands in 2022 in the field of water treatment. Minh Nhut is an inspiring role model who will instill a desire for scientific inquiry and learning in Tra Vinh University students in general and environmental engineering students in particular.

Thu Nguyet