Summary of 02 years implementing the dental care project for primary school students in Tra Vinh city


TVU – On 10/02/2023, Tra Vinh University held a meeting to review the expertise and draw experience after 02 years of implementing the dental care project for primary school students in Tra Vinh city.

At the preliminary meeting, there were Dr. Kawana Takayuki – Vice President of Daishinkai Medical Corporation, and the doctors of Daishinkai.

For Tra Vinh University, there were Dr. Thach Thi Dan, Vice Rector; Dr. Chau Thi Hoang Hoa, Deputy Head of the International Cooperation and Project Promotion Department; Dr. Nguyen Quang Tam, Vice Dean of the School of Odonto – Stomatology; and Dr. Specialist Level II  Nguyen Doan Hoai, Vice Dean of the school of Odonto – Stomatology at Tra Vinh University, as well as instructors and students.

The program of oral hygiene instruction for primary school students in Tra Vinh city (within the framework of the Project on prevention of infectious diseases through oral care for primary school students in Tra Vinh city, implemented in 2021) took place from February 6 to February 10, 2023, at 17 primary schools in Tra Vinh city with more than 8,700 students.

Dr. Thach Thi Dan sent her deep thanks to the doctors of Daishinkai Medical Group and primary schools in Tra Vinh City, who, along with lecturers and students of the Faculty of Odonto-Stomatology, worked hard for the Project. According to Dr. Thach Thi Dan, the Project is a meaningful community service activity for lecturers and students of the Faculty of Odonto-Stomatology. On the other hand, the medical examination data obtained in the past time is very important for the scientific research work of the University and Daishinkai Medical Corporation.

According to the professional report of Dr. Nguyen Phuc Nguyen – Deputy Head of Dentistry – Endodontic Department, Faculty of Odonto-Stomatology, Tra Vinh University, the rate of tooth decay through dental examination in 2021 was 91.65%; in 2022, it was 92.68%. Oral hygiene instruction has been implemented in 2 phases with good feedback from parents and students. In general, the rate of dental caries in students in all grades ranged from 85% to over 90. This result is also consistent with the national oral health census showing the rate of tooth decay and periodontal disease among students in the country is still high.

From 2021, the Project has received the attention of provincial leaders and related departments through the Provincial Project Steering Committee, newspapers, radio, and television broadcasting. Therefore, the communication and promotion were well implemented. In addition, the Project was directed by the leadership of the School and the Faculty of Odonto-Stomatology, relevant units, the active support from the Department of Education and primary schools, the close coordination between the University and Daishinkai Medical Corporation, and the enthusiastic, dynamic, creative and highly responsible experts, lecturers and students.

During the two years of project implementation, the team examined more than 16,600 primary school students and instructed more than 17,400 turns of primary school students on proper oral hygiene in Tra Vinh City. It is expected that in 2023, the project team will continue to conduct one examination and two sessions of oral hygiene instruction at primary schools in Tra Vinh City.

During the implementation process, the Project also encountered some difficulties and limitations, including the delay happened due to the Covid-19 epidemic (in 2021); room conditions, tables, and chairs in primary schools are not suitable for dental examination; the program only examines without specific actions to clinical intervention to improve the oral health status of students, such as: applying Fluoride varnish, free treatment for children with caries… Doctor. Nguyen Quang Tam proposed carrying out a preventive dental program (applying varnish) and suggested the partner with equipment, tools, and materials to continue implementing the program.

Through the meeting, the two sides agreed to continue maintaining the dental hygiene examination schedule and instructions as planned, organize training, improve the quality of examination, record data, complete the content of dental hygiene instructions, and organize meetings to improve and draw experience and strengthen communication and promotion for the Project.

By My Nhien