The mock trial: A model maintaining political security, social order and safety, crime prevention, and drug prevention among youth


On July 20, 2022, the Faculty of Economics and Laws, Tra Vinh University holds a “Mock trial” about in case of the illegal possession of cocaine drew with 200 students attending.

Mr. Ngô ĐêDeputy Chief Justice of Tra Vinh Province’s People’s Court, and Mr. Phạm Thanh PhongDirector of Tra Vinh Province’s Legal Aid Center take part in the mock trial.

The mock trial has been held for the purpose of maintaining political security, social order and safety, crime and social evils prevention, and all-people movement to protect national security, especially in the fight against drug addiction. As a result, the Mock trial raises awareness and sense of law observance of the Youth Union of Tra Vinh University.

The mock trial provides a chance and a playground for majoring-in-law students to prove their professional knowledge as well as practical trial abilities.

The mock trial is based on a real-life case, with the material centered on the “first-instance trial of the offense of illegal drug possession.” Law students take on the roles of the presiding judge, the judge, the people’s juror, the prosecutor’s representative, the trial clerk, the lawyer, the police, the offender, and the witness.

The trial process is carried out in the right order, beginning with carrying out the processes, announcing the indictment, questioning, argument procedures, deliberation, and sentence. At the same time, ensure legal expertise, and legal accuracy under the close guidance and advice of lecturers, and specialized departments with deep knowledge of the law.

The organizers received a lot of praise from the delegates and guests at the end of the mock trial. Mock trials are an efficient kind of educational propaganda that re-enacts social circumstances.

By Tin Di