Tra Vinh University‎ continues to be in the top 100 of WURI Ranking 2021


Tra Vinh University is ranked 71st – raising 15 places compared to 2020 and entering in the Top 100 of WURI Ranking 2021, top universities with positive influence and contribution to society.

At an online conference organized by the World University Alliance, World‘s Universities with Real Impacts (WURI) announces that Tra Vinh University has been ranked 71st place in the Top 100 of the WURI Ranking 2021, top of universities that have a positive influence and contribution to society. TVU has also been ranked 17th place in the Top 50 universities with the entrepreneurial spirit and value-creating startups (7 steps up from before) and ranked 48th place in the Top 50 of World Universities with Real Impact in Student Mobility and Openness.‎

WURI has assessed according to the criteria of the real impact of universities on society; creative and innovative approach to research and educationfocusing on specific areas of corporate cooperation, the value of the entrepreneurial spirit and value-creating startups, social responsibility, exchange, and cooperation programs.

Tra Vinh University has six majors that are recognized for international quality accreditation by FIBAA and AUN-QA, for many consecutive years in the Top 200 universities with a green educational environment and investment in sustainable development in the world – according to UI GreenMetric Ranking.

Ngoc Thu