Tra Vinh University: Campus disinfectant to prevent coronavirus


 (TVU)– To prevent the deadly virus outbreak, on the morning of February 5, Tra Vinh University coordinated with Tra Vinh City Health Center to disinfect the main campus and other areas of the university. 

The comprehensive campus disinfection and sanitation processes have taken place in all areas of the university including classrooms, libraries, dormitories and all other places. 

Moreover, the university has equipped with soap and hand sanitizers at toilets as well as theoretical and practical study areas. Also, TVU has produced hand sanitizers as gifts to local people as well as students and teachers of high schools in the province and the region. 

Tra Vinh University always updates the latest news about the rapid rate of this virus to promptly implement epidemic prevention activities and timely provide accurate information to its employees and students via many types of communication. 

Tra Vinh University commits to doing everything it can to support all students, employees and community. Currently, there are no confirmed cases of the virus infection at Tra Vinh University and its province. 

Ngoc Thu