Tra Vinh University held training courses on building a test bank in Tra Vinh TRIG Project


From 5 to 12 December, 2011, Tra Vinh TRIG Program Management Board – Tra Vinh University coordinated with Vietnam Education &Technology Corporation (Edtech) to hold training courses on building test bank for  140 lecturers of TVU.

With the guidance of Prof. Dr. Sc. Lam Quang Thiep and Dr. Vu Dinh Luan, TVU lecturers were given some knowledge and skills on how to build multiple choice question bank. On December 19, 2011, TVU will be transferred the software assessment multiple choice questions(VITESTA).

After the training courses, the units of the Faculties will conduct developing the question bank as the plan of TVU in Tra Vinh TRIG Project.

Written by : Huynh Nhu

Translated by Huynh Trang