Tra Vinh University offers startup training for students of Hue University


TVU – From December 1 to 2, Tra Vinh University and Hue University worked together to promote the startup spirit among Hue University students as part of the Ministry of Education and Training’s national goal program on sustainable poverty reduction.

Leaders of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation – Hue University welcoming the TVU delegation

There were more than 150 students present for the training session. They were given knowledge and skills about startups, including an overview of creative startups, the innovative startup ecosystem, SMART goals, developing startup ideas, design thinking, lean startup thinking, and a variety of other skills essential for students’ startup processes. In order for all students to participate in the activities and become more enthusiastic in their learning process, the session was structured in an experienced, intuitive, and vibrant format with team activities.

Students during the training session

According to Mr. Hoang Kim Toan, director of Hue University’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, this was a great chance for students to obtain knowledge and experience. The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Tra Vinh University uses extremely professional, analytical, and rational teaching techniques and programs. The Center wanted to link Tra Vinh University’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship to the network of Innovation Centers that had just begun operating in November 2022, and at the same time, it hoped that Tra Vinh University and Hue University would collaborate, share, and support each other in innovation and startup activities, in which both institutions have strengths.

With the mission of spreading the spirit of entrepreneurship among students, young people, and especially students from poor and near-poor families, helping them to be more confident in the process of starting a business and getting a stable job after graduation, the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Tra Vinh University is always willing to join, connect with universities, business incubators, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centers in Vietnam.

By Lan Anh