Tra Vinh University responds to Vietnam’s Law Day 2022


(TVU) – From September 9 to November 9, Tra Vinh University launched to respond to Vietnam’s Law Day on November 9 with the slogan “The sense of law observance is a measure of the effectiveness of legal propaganda and education” in various forms associated with law building and enforcement in the school.

Vietnam’s Law Day (November 9) is annually held to honor the Constitution and laws and affirm the position and role of the Constitution and the law in state management. Responding to Law Day is the expression of specific actions and works that abide by the Constitution and laws and contribute to socio-economic construction and development.

Dr. Thach Thi Dan, Vice-Rector of Tra Vinh University, said: “Carrying out the task of legal education, in recent years, the Law Day has been actively responded and orderly, practically and effectively organized by units with different models and methods, attracting the response of a large number of students and school officials.”

In the peak month of organizing Vietnam’s Law Day, Tra Vinh University has implemented many specific, practical, economic, and effective activities close to students: Effectively exploiting and using social resources for legal dissemination and education in school; actively participating in legal propagating and educating activities by organizing the IX Tra Vinh University’s Youth with Law competition and the mock trial for and students of Tra Vinh Pedagogical Practice School; Online legal counseling for officials, employees, and students in Tra Vinh University.

The school also has diversified and implemented many activities to respond to Law Day 2022, including organizing legal dissemination and education through meetings, conferences, seminars, legal documents, political and professional activities; Organizing propaganda and visual promotion of the theme and slogan on the Law Day 2022 by posters, panels, banners, and slogans; Applying information technology in the legal consultancy model for the University’s activities related to the rights and interests of officials, employees, and students.

By My Nhien