Tra Vinh University – The aspiration to reach the world


TVU – Over 20 years of establishment and development from Tra Vinh Community College and the implementation of the Vietnam – Canada Community College project, Tra Vinh University accompanies the construction and development of the province, continuing to affirm the mission of training human resources for the locality and the region. TVU has the mission to reach the world in human resource training, research, and transferring science and technology domestically and internationally.

The dream of reaching the world

Tra Vinh University’s position is constantly being enhanced in the higher education system of Vietnam and internationally. TVU received the Second-class Labor Medal from the President, becoming the first provincial university. The University is also one of the 23 universities across the country assigned by the Prime Minister to pilot the renewal of the operation mechanism in 2017, aiming to develop into an application-oriented university according to international standards.

TVU is one of the first 09 universities to be accredited according to the new standards of the Ministry of Education and Training. In the Mekong Delta region, TVU is one of the universities that provide many training programs that have achieved international education accreditation, according to the standards of AUN-QA, FIBAA, and ABET with 13 programs. Tra Vinh University is a sustainable “Green University” through 9 years of the Talloires declaration; 01 of the 02 universities in Vietnam that achieved the TOP 200 sustainable and environmentally friendly universities in the world for years; ranking 71st in the top 100 WURI Ranking 2021 (up 15 ranks compared to 2020).

TVU expands cooperation with over 90 international partners, institutes, and schools in many fields. Currently, TVU is a member of the CDIO organization – an organization that promotes the educational framework to improve training quality. In addition, TVU is the 151st member of the Canadian Association of Colleges and Institutes (CICan). The University was recognized by Mr. Le Van Han, Chairman of Tra Vinh Provincial People’s Committee, for its role in creating a change in raising the level of intellectual and the quality of human resources in the region.

Bringing quality learning opportunities to the community

TVU seeded inspiration for scientific research and entrepreneurship, creating connections between students, schools, and businesses. Plus, Tra Vinh University Hospital, the general clinic, and the dental treatment area are taking good care of the community’s health. TVU promotes many policies: tuition fee reduction, scholarships to encourage engineering and technology female students, support for start-up loans, etc. It helps students learn and create products to serve the community. In addition, the Learning Resource Center is freely open 24/7 with a clean and spacious space, rich sources of books connected to the internet and an electronic library, and digitized learning materials. Besides, there is also a modern dormitory with 3,500 seats, fully equipped with a green campus and self-study areas, sports areas, etc.

Tra Vinh University has 52 college-bachelor training programs, 27 master’s programs, 10 doctoral programs, and 5 specialties at level 1: Internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics, pediatrics department, and odonto-stomatology. The University also has a system of Pedagogical Practice Schools, Tra Vinh University Hospital, and research and training facilities… providing a relatively training ecosystem. TVU reached out to more than 900 businesses to connect the trainee program, and expand the co-op training program (training cooperation between TVU and businesses) – a unique training model that helps students achieve working experience, and expand their learning, as well as make incomes. This activity helps businesses save training costs and time after recruitment and contributes to creating jobs after graduation.

Assoc. Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh, Chairman of the School Council said: “Twenty years of pursuing the mission of TVU are twenty years of aspiration, making achievements in building and developing the province. A new chapter in the development of Tra Vinh University is opened up with the desire to break through, making miracles of a young university with a great desire to reach out to the world, towards the goal of becoming an international university. The University will continue to affirm the quality of training, create values ​​for the mission of “Bringing learning opportunities to the community” and create a chain of core values ​​’Devotion, Transparency, Creativity, Friendliness’ for the community.”

By Thy Truong