Tra Vinh University’s new record on the digital platform


TVU – On June 17th, the Central Committee of Vietnam National Record Association – Vietnam Records Organization (VietKings) announces and awards the Digitalized Vietnam Record Establishment Certificate and Vietnam Record Badge to Tra Vinh University.

The event sees the presence of Mr. Le Tran Truong An, the General Director of the Vietnam Record Organization; Mr. Duong Duy Lam Vien, the Director of the Vietnam Record Institute and the Secretary-General of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Record Association; Mr. Phan Van Thin Tho, the Deputy Director of the Vietnam Record Institute and the Director of Hong Bao Records; Ms. Vo Luu Lan Uyen, the Deputy Secretary-General of the Vietnam Record Organization; Mr. Le Dai Loc, the Director of Digital Record Operations.

Regarding Tra Vinh University, Ms. Thach Thi Dan, the university’s Vice Rector, and representatives from various departments attend the program.

Tra Vinh University establishes a record for the “Cultural Beauty of Tra Vinh” on the digital platform. The university’s faculty and students produce over 2.000 photos and videos to create a digital map of Tra Vinh province. This initiative aims to commemorate the 17th anniversary of Tra Vinh University’s establishment (June 19th, 2006 – June 19th, 2023) and the 22-year community college model (2001 – 2023).

Previously, Mr. Nguyen Van Vu An, the Director of Tra Vinh Province Business Incubator and Tra Vinh University sets a record for “Being the Editor-in-Chief of the Most Books on Knowledge and Entrepreneurial Skills Published and Used as Training Materials for Entrepreneurship Programs in Colleges and Universities.”

By Nhat Hao