Training medical human resources both in university and hospital for public health


Determined clearly that higher education is a strong combination between theory and practice helping students to gain more practical work experiences and to be confident building their careers after graduation.
TVU has bravely invested modern equipment for the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy as well as for Tra Vinh University Hospital. Its investment deals with 50-bed inpatient area with high-quality standards, General clinic, Odonto-stomatology examination and treatment area, Pediatric clinic, Traditional medicine clinic, full of clinical and subclinical departments such as Examination, Emergency, General Surgery, Obstetrics, Surgery, Anesthesia, Pediatric intensive care, Pediatrics, ENT – Eye – Odontology, Subclinical, Traditional medicine, Infection Control, and Pharmacy, are all invested with modern equipment, serving on-demand medical examination and treatments for patients, contributing to reducing the overload condition in other hospitals. TVU hospital is also a place for researching medical science, training medical staff and is also a good place for students from the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Tra Vinh University to learn and practice professional skills during their training at the university in the combination of “teaching – practicing – researching – training in medical ethics”.

At the same time, TVU cooperates widely with hospitals at all levels in training, researching, diagnosing, and treating various kinds of diseases, strengthens training in nursing, public health, rehabilitation techniques, testing, pharmacy, medical imaging techniques, preventive medicine, nutrition, general medicine and Odonto-Stomatology towards international integration and cooperates with organizations and enterprises from Japan, Germany, Canada… to send students to work abroad.

Every year, the university has about 500 nurses, medical doctors, pharmacists, and doctors who graduated from health science contributing well to health human resources of the locality, the Mekong Delta and the country.
Investment in modern equipment

TVU hospital is also equipped with a general clinic, Odonto-Stomatology examination and treatment area, pediatric clinic, traditional medicine clinic with modern equipment, modern imaging diagnosis according to Japanese and Korean technologies such as CT Scanner, Panoramic X-ray, Computed Tomography Scan – CT Scan, Periapical, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), pre-clinical simulation equipment, dental scaling system, halogen lamp. Diagnosis and treatment from simple to complex dental diseases such as tooth extraction, treatment of jaw tumor and swelling, dental implants, high-tech aesthetics. In particular, there are many other advanced imaging equipment and techniques in diagnosing and treating other simple and complex diseases at Tra Vinh University Hospital.

The pediatric clinic is set up in a separate area with its separate waiting area, and a playground area for children. Perform medical examination and treatment in accordance with levels, examine and treat inpatient and outpatient for all pediatric patients from 0 to 15 years old. The patients benefit from health insurance as prescribed. The clinic is also equipped with modern medical examination and treatment facilities, along with a team of experienced and enthusiastic pediatricians of Tra Vinh University Hospital.
As a public university located in the core region of the Mekong Delta, Tra Vinh University (TVU) is growing and developing strongly thanks to its prestige and quality in training and research. TVU is ranked in the Top 100 universities with positive influence and contributions to society by WURI Ranking, a ranking system of world universities with real impact. For many years in a row, TVU has been in the top 200 sustainable and environmentally friendly green universities in the world by UI GreenMetric ranking. It is one of two universities in Vietnam to enter this ranking; accredited national and international education accreditation of FIBBA and AUN-QA. The university is continuing to expand AUN international education accreditation for its majors of health sciences and agriculture and to expand ABET accreditation for the major of engineering and technology.

My Nhien