Why do we study at Tra Vinh University?


TVU is a public university with the mechanism of student enrolment nationwide and internationally. Currently, it offers 58 graduate training programs and 33 postgraduate training programs (25 masters and 08 PhDs) and 25 diploma training programs, covering various fields such as Agri-aquaculture, Engineering – Technology, Medicine – Pharmacy, Foreign Languages, Southern Khmer Language – Culture – Arts, Economics – Law, Applied Chemistry, Pedagogy, Office Administration – Tourism, Foundation Science, Odonto-Stomatology, Pre-university, etc.

1. TVU is assigned to undertake the pilot innovation in operational mechanism with the goal of developing into an application-oriented university according to regional and international standards.

2. TVU aims at a comprehensive green university. In December 2018, TVU ranked in the list of 300 universities with the most sustainable development and friendly environment by UI GreenMetric World University Rankings (UI GreenMetric). In addition, Webometrric ranked TVU the position of 10-28 within the whole country from 2016-2019.

3. TVU is the unique university offering the training program in Southern Khmer Language, Culture and Arts and successfully compiled Viet-Khmer, Khmer-Viet bilingual dictionary with about 84.000 lexicons. Besides, TVU conducts researches related to Khmer traditional preservation and development.

4. TVU has established business cooperation training programs (CO-OP program) since 2007 that provides students with practical experiences at national and foreign enterprises, where they can approach modern technology with high income.

5. TVU offers many preferential policies, e.g. tuition fees, for students of various full-time majors: Khmer language education, early childhood and primary education, traditional musical performances, agri-aquaculture, engineering and technology, etc.

6. Friendly learning environment with dynamic and diversified applied research.

The library is an ideal destination for students with a spacious and clean space, which provides them with over 100,000 first books of various kind and Internet-connected computer system. Additionally, the student dormitory with a capacity of 4300 seats is built on the green, clean and beautiful campus.

7. TVU is the place for startup initiatives where students connect with enterprises, thereby offering them with job opportunity after graduation.

8. TVU possesses its hospital and odonto-stomatological medical treatment clinic, which are modernly equipped along with preferential policies for patients.

9. TVU has the resource of active, enthusiastic and dedicated faculty members who come from prestigious institutions worldwide.

10. TVU establishes extensive cooperative networks with institutions and enterprises as the inheritance from the remarkable achievements of Vietnam-Canada community college project.

11. TVU receives the great support from the higher authority.

Tra Vinh University brings quality learning opportunity for community

Minh Nhut