24/7 self-study room for students


To developing sustainable green criteria, focusing on the proportion of green spaces in the study and research campuses, Tra Vinh University focuses on arranging self-study rooms, self-study at the Learning Resource Center.

Learning Resource Center
Learning Resource Center

Self-study room where arrange with spacious, clean, airy space, air-conditioning system and internet connection is an ideal place to help students take the initiative in studying outside of class. Self-study rooms are often more crowded with students during the peak final exams of TVU students.

Moreover, the self-study room is open 24/24 all days of the week. The 24/7 self-study room is located on the ground floor of the Learning Resource Center, convenient for students to enter and exit, and is fully equipped with tables and chairs, and can serve hundreds of students at the same time. In the afternoon, students maybe even find a suitable corner to take a break after the time for hard-study. In the evening, students can study until late at night.

One of the students who regularly come to the self-study room, Son Ca – a student of the Hospitality Management 2019, said that self-study is necessary for students. Most students have to self-study to actively explore and exchange knowledge, especially preparing knowledge for exams.

Ms. Uyen Vy, a student in the Master of Civil Law and Civil Procedure 2019, said: “I often go to the self-study room and study until late at night. Because here is spacious, I can exchange lesson content with my friends and self-control in our own after-school study time.

TVU also arranged outside self-study spaces with green trees, fresh air, equipped with wifi for students to study and relax, making self-study easy. This area is a space chosen by many students to read books or have group discussions.

Learning Resource Center at Tra Vinh University is an ideal destination for students and graduates students to study and research. The Learning Resource Center is modern and has a wide range of books and electronic resources at home and abroad.

Ngoc Thu