A talk about America and American culture


On April 06th, 2012, the Talk about “America and American culture” was held at the hall of Faculty of Agriculture and Aquaculture. It was presented by Mr. Thanh Tu Vincent Ly Tran and Ms. Violet Marie Kupersmith – the two volunteers working at the Faculty of Economics, Law and Foreign Languages of TVU.

The talk attracted over 150 students and lecturers of TVU. The presenters gave some information about the geographical features, the foundation, some important historic events, festivals, traditional food and popular sports of the U.S illustrated by real photos, visual aids and miming actions. The information on the American education system and the diversified classroom activities and evaluation forms in some American universities attracted students most.

During the talk, students asked many questions and they were satisfied with the aswer of the presenters. The talk just lasted in one session but it was an authentic activity helping students got more knowledge about the U.S where English is spoken as mother tongue.

Written by: Huy Thông