CATHAY Vietnam Life Insurance Company Limited awards scholarships to students who have overcome difficulties


TVU – On the afternoon of June 12, CATHAY Vietnam Life Insurance Co., Ltd. awards 5 scholarships, each worth 2 million VND, to students who have overcome difficulties at Tra Vinh University.

Ms. Mạch Thị Hằng, the Director of Cathaylife Vinh Long office, states that these scholarships are a gift for students who have overcome difficulties, aiming to motivate them to excel in their studies. This is the first year that the Company has sponsored scholarships for students at the University, and Ms. Mach Thi Hang expresses the desire to continue supporting scholarships for the University’s students in the coming years.

Dr. Thạch Thị Dân, the Vice President, expresses gratitude on behalf of the school leadership to the sponsor, CATHAY Vietnam Life Insurance Co., Ltd., for their support, encouragement, and assistance to students in overcoming difficulties in their studies. The Vice President extends wishes for the scholarship recipients to continue striving to overcome obstacles and excel in their studies to achieve the best results.

On behalf of the scholarship recipients, student Nguyễn Hoàng Minh expresses gratitude to the sponsor and the school’s Board of Directors. He promises to continue his efforts in training and to strive for excellence in his studies, aiming to become a useful citizen of society.

By Thy Truong