Central Philippine University discusses cooperation opportunities with Tra Vinh University


(TVU) – On September 11-13, the delegation from Central Philippine University led by Mr. Irving Domingo Rio, Vice-Rector, came to work with Tra Vinh University.

Welcoming the delegation was Dr. Phan Quoc Nghia, Vice-Rector of Tra Vinh University, and representatives of the leaders of departments, faculties, and schools of Tra Vinh University.

On behalf of Central Philippine University, there were Mr. Irving Domingo, Vice-Rector; Ms. Merly Junsay, Head of the Faculty of Education; Ms. Althea Denuevo, Assistant Head of the Faculty of Education; and members of the delegation.

At the meeting, Dr. Phan Quoc Nghia, Vice-Rector of Tra Vinh University, expressed his warmest welcome to the delegation. The Vice-Rector emphasized that this visit further promoted the relationship between the two sides and opened up opportunities for cooperation in various fields, including scientific research, student and lecturer exchange, etc.

Mr. Irving Domingo, Vice-Rector of Central Philippine University, said that the meeting was an opportunity for the two schools to implement the previously signed memorandum of cooperation, jointly exploiting the potential and advantages of the schools. The Vice-Rector affirmed to facilitation of the schools to exchange students, lecturers, and graduate students, further affirming the cooperative relationship between the two sides, moving toward sustainable development.

At the meeting, the schools introduced outstanding features, training programs, proposed goals, and research projects for the two sides to perfect and develop, especially cooperating in scientific research and teaching exchange, etc. The two sides agreed to cooperate in the programs of lecturer exchange, doctoral training, and cultural exchange.

Previously, from April 17 – 19, Central Philippine University visited Tra Vinh University and proposed a number of specific studies related to library science, computer science, and scientific research methods.

On this occasion, the lecturers from both schools participated in research and teaching about computer science, library science, accounting, scientific research methods, soft skills in career orientation, and communication.

By My Nhien