Daily life of Tra Vinh University students studying, interning with salary in ISRAEL


Agronomy students from Tra Vinh University are participating in an agricultural internship program at the Arava International Training Center, State of Israel from August 2023 to June 2024. Having gone through half the journey and work so far, the student’s lives in the “startup nation” are going well.

Daily, the students intern at agricultural farms, cultivation, livestock breeding, etc. with high technology. The students learn a lot from the technology, and processes from planting, cultivation, and irrigation to harvesting and post-harvest handling. Besides professional internships at the farms, weekly, the students have 1 day of classes for theoretical learning, exchange, and gaining experience from fellow interns from many countries around the world. The Center arranges transportation to pick up and drop off students between housing and school. The lecturers are very friendly, and sociable, and teach in English (with translation).

Additionally, the students are also given opportunities to tour and travel to famous sites in the country such as the Red Sea, the Dead Sea, Jerusalem, etc.

The students have interesting and beneficial experiences after over 5 months in Israel.

The daily life of the students in the “startup nation”

The internship program in Israel for students related to agriculture, cultivation, post-harvest technology, etc., is a program that Tra Vinh University collaborates with the Israeli Embassy in Vietnam to recruit and send students to intern at the Arava International Training Center, State of Israel. The internship program lasts 11 months from August last year to June next year. This is a golden opportunity for students who want to learn from experiences, explore, intern with salary, and supplement practical knowledge for their future careers in one of the world’s most advanced agricultural countries.