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TVU is ranked in the top 100 universities with positive influence and contributions to the society by WURI Ranking – a ranking system of world universities with real impact. For many years in a row, TVU has been in the top 200 sustainable and friendly green universities according to UI GreenMetric rankings. There are a number of programs that pass the international education quality accreditation of FIBAA and AUN-QA. The university has been continuing to expand AUN international education accreditation for majors of health sciences and agriculture and ABET accreditation for majors of engineering and technology.


Over the past years, TVU has expanded its training programs in direction of diversifying disciplines to meet the needs of lifelong learning and closely linking businesses with the co-op training model, helping students cultivate practical work experiences in the companies, expand their learning beyond the classroom, at the same time, helping businesses reduce training costs and time after recruitment.

TVU brings courses on essential skills and soft skills into the curriculum along with practical experience activities for the community, such as the campaign “Every drop of blood to give is to make a life to stay.”, “TVU – Say no to plastic waste”, “Dental care for high school students”, “Free medical examination and treatment, free medicine providing for patients”, “TVU Green Campus, for a sustainable green university”, “Knowledge incubation scholarship for high school students”, “Volunteer Green Sunday”, “Towards beloved Central”, ” Mock trials of TVU students to students of the Mekong Delta”, “Potential interns at businesses”, “International Student Exchange”,… along with many extracurricular activities from “Student Club” models for the community, thereby, helping students gain their confidence, integrate quickly into the domestic and foreign labor market or start their own businesses.


In particular, TVU focuses on the activities of “Incubating student startup ideas”, strongly develops “Invention space among students and teachers”, “Student cooperatives”, “Farmer’s Union who are university students”, expand start-up funds, scientific research funds from alumni, businesses, and partners to help students boldly develop their research ideas creating application products for the community such as: successfully farming disease-free broodstock shrimps, culturing macapuno coconut and cordyceps mushroom, producing drought-tolerant rice varieties, manufacturing automatic thermometers, 3-axis CNC milling machines, electric motorcycles, robots, 3D printers; successfully compiling and publishing Vietnamese – Khmer, Khmer – Vietnamese dictionaries with 84,000 words; The university has also been carrying out many national and ministerial-level research projects on “Culture in sustainable development in the Southwest region.”, “Basic and urgent issues in Khmer ethnic community in Vietnam today” and “Preservation and promotion of cultural values of Khmer folk music.”

Nguyen Phuong Khanh with shrimp shells for plastic production
Nguyen Phuong Khanh with shrimp shells for plastic production

Many unique green start-up ideas from students have created various safe and environmentally friendly products, such as: using shrimp shells to make bioplastics; using marine wastes of crab and shrimp shells; preparing pesticides from Annona glabra seeds; producing probiotics containing zinc nanoparticles to prevent pathogens and bacteria on fruit trees which called NOZ; Amorphophallus konjac powder for health – KLEN FARM which increased the value of Amorphophallus konjac, or Lam Yen ORGANIC bottled herbal tea product, Muntingia Calabura leaf tea product, etc. Applications of IoT technology with smart sensor systems and applications running on smartphone platform to improve water use efficiency in rice cultivation in the Mekong Delta; automatic control and monitoring system for industrial shrimp farming pond aerator assuring safety for users in changeable weather conditions, etc.

Student groups from Tra Vinh University have recycled marine wastes which can pollute the environment to produce bioplastic products that can both commercialize and educate the awareness of environmental protection. Nguyen Phuong Khanh, group leader, a final-year student majoring in chemical engineering technology of Tra Vinh University, shared: “Our group, with the support from the school’s teachers, made various kinds of utensil products such as cups, plates, spoons, chopsticks, straws, plastic bags, etc. We are targeting products for children and medical equipment with this bioplastic product”.

Mr. Tram Minh Thuan received the 15th Luong Dinh Cua Award 2020
Mr. Tram Minh Thuan received the 15th Luong Dinh Cua Award 2020

Mr. Tram Minh Thuan, an alumnus of Tra Vinh University, who is one of 56 outstanding young farmers honored to receive the 15th Luong Dinh Cua Award in 2020, has successfully started his business under the cooperative model, building the rice brand of “Hat Ngoc Rong” for Tra Vinh specialty, confided: “When I was studying at Tra Vinh University, I desired to start my own business. I like to manage my own life. Hoping to develop the local economy and promote start-up movement and helping farmers to improve the quality of agricultural products, after a long time of consideration, I decided to choose a cooperative model to start my business which can realize my school dream. I am very grateful to my teachers and friends for accompanying and supporting me on my way to conquer knowledge and start my own business.”

Many good policies towards learners

TVU has implemented various beneficial policies for students, including 100% tuition fee exemption and reduction for students majoring in pedagogical disciplines including preschool, primary education (primary pedagogy), Khmer language, literature and traditional musical instrument performance; awarding scholarships (equivalent to 50% of tuition fee for the entire course of university) to encourage female students those are studying engineering and technology, applied chemistry (equivalent to 30% of the course fee).

The university also supports students with initial start-up loan of 50 million VND for each feasible project with a very low-interest rate from its start-up fund; at the same time, supports students to take out loans for studying and fully offers beneficial policies for poor students, Khmer students, students in miserable condition and those are in disadvantaged groups as prescribed; assures that 100% of students are introduced to jobs after graduation, or continued to get higher education; awards scholarships to good and excellent students encouraging them to study. Every year, the university together with domestic and international businesses and benefactors awards hundreds of scholarships which are worth billions of VND for overcoming learning difficulties to Tra Vinh university students.

TVU is a public university training multi-disciplinary with 35 graduate majors and 55 undergraduate majors in many different groups, including Agriculture – Aquaculture; Technology; Health Science; Foreign Language; Southern Khmer Language – Culture – Arts; Economics – Law, Applied Chemistry; Pedagogy; Public Management – Office Administration; Tourism – Restaurants and Hotels; Political Theory; Basic Science; Odonto – Stomatology; Pre-University.


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