Feelings of new students on the online opening ceremony


The year 2021 is probably unique with many emotions of the TVU new students because the opening ceremony must be online. Tra Vinh University has actively adapted to the new situation to ensure the learning progress in this Covid-19 epidemic period. Teaching activities and dialogues between students and lecturers are all interactive via computer or phone screens. They have integrated programs such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet.

Tang Nhat Dang, a new student of Medical Imaging Technology class 2021, excitedly said: “My class today is quite smooth, the sound quality and transmission are good, the teachers teach well and lovely, only regret is not being able to meet teachers and friends directly.”

Quickly preparing himself with a computer, Le Hoang Phuc, a new student of E-commerce class 2021, said: “After knowing the online class schedule, I was ready to join the class with the lecturer”. Hoang Phuc hopes the epidemic will stabilize so he can go to school directly and meet teachers and friends.

Nguyen An Khanh, a new student of Construction Technology Class 2021, said: “I am very much looking forward to the day I can go to school. Because of the stressful epidemic situation, we are only able to study online. The first time, I also had a bit of disappointment and difficulties. Thanks to the enthusiastic and responsible guidance of the previous seniors and teachers, I can be ready to welcome the new school year”.

Before that, Tra Vinh University organized a meeting to welcome new students with the attendance of teachers from faculties, departments, and previous students.

Dr. Tieu Thanh Thuy, Director of Teaching and Learning Center, has inspired new students with inspiration, positive energy, and effective learning methods. She also guides students to practice soft skills, plan college years, make out goals for the future, etc. New students can listen to the learning and training experiences of previous seniors through joining clubs.

Ngoc Thu