Fostering skills in developing programs, projects and plans for nearly 200 students


Tra Vinh University opens a training course on skills in building programs, projects, and plans for 99 students who are staff working in departments, branches, and localities in the province.

The training contents include 03 topics: General issues about the program, scheme, project, plan; content structure and the cycle of policies, projects, schemes, plans and thematics on the development of plans, schemes and projects.

In addition to theoretical knowledge, students are also guided to practice the content being imparted. Thereby, the training helps learners supplement the basic knowledge about planning, improve professional qualifications, contribute to better completing assigned tasks at agencies and units.

This is the second training class held, previously from May 12-14, along with the above contents, more than 90 students participate. There are a total of 2 classes, with nearly 200 students participating in training.

T. Di