Job opportunities at THACO AGRI Agriculture Joint Stock Company


(TVU) – On the afternoon of October 28, Tra Vinh University organized a consulting and recruitment workshop for workers at THACO AGRI Agriculture Joint Stock Company at Auditorium E21.105, Cluster 1, Tra Vinh University, attracting over 200 participating students.

The workshop honored the presence of Mr. Do The Trinh, HR Director of THACO AGRI; Dr. Phan Quoc Nghia, Vice Rector of Tra Vinh University along with representatives of leaders from Faculties, Departments, Schools and Centers.

Dr. Phan Quoc Nghia, Vice Rector thanked THACO AGRI Agriculture Joint Stock Company for always accompanying the University in training, and internship, guiding students as recruiting human resources trained at Tra Vinh University. In the coming time, the University will continue to closely link with the company, promote activities to send students to internships at complexes, and deploy cooperation activities between the two units.

Dr. Phan Quoc Nghia said that recently, a delegation from Tra Vinh University had visited the Snoul and Koun Mom Complex in Cambodia under THACO AGRI Agriculture Joint Stock Company, directly observing the complexes, cattle and fish farms, banana, mango, longan and Daunpenh Industrial Cluster farm, learning about the working environment, inquiring students and alumni who are interning and working there, and exchanging the deployment of Co.op training cooperation activities.

At the workshop, Mr. Do The Trinh, HR Director of THACO AGRI shared about projects, introducing business scale, policies, environment, regulations, regimes, workspace, conditions, international labor convention recruitment procedures, and job placements for candidates.

Mr. Do The Trinh further informed that currently, many alumni of Tra Vinh University are working and holding important positions at THACO AGRI. In the coming time, THACO AGRI Agriculture Joint Stock Company and Tra Vinh University will further strengthen career counseling, training, internship reception, and staff recruitment.

THACO AGRI has been deploying career counseling, enrollment in localities adjacent to the Complexes, and paid internships at THACO AGRI with a commitment to be recruited for suitable positions at Complexes in Cambodia in the fields of agriculture, veterinary medicine, engineering, business administration, office administration, law, Khmer language.

Many questions related to labor policies and procedures abroad were answered by representatives of THACO AGRI Agriculture Joint Stock Company for students of Tra Vinh University.

Sharing her internship experience in the HR recruitment department at THACO AGRI, senior student Thach Thi So Ni Ta, from the 2020 Khmer Language program said: During my recent internship, I was instructed very attentively by seniors, the working environment made me adapt to my work at the company quite well. THACO AGRI fully supports living conditions, and the working environment is dynamic and professional, if there is an opportunity I would love to become an official employee of the company.

THACO AGRI Agriculture Joint Stock Company is a member of THACO GROUP operating in the field of agriculture. Inheriting the foundation of industrial management and the integrated production and business model, THACO AGRI receives strong support from member corporations as well as great potential from THACO. To date, THACO AGRI owns over 48,000 hectares of land in Vietnam and Cambodia, while at the same time managing all production activities on more than 36,000 hectares of HAGL Agrico in Laos and Cambodia.