Opening TVU student Football League tournament


(TVU) – On the morning of October 25, the first TVU student Football League tournament in 2020, organized by Tra Vinh University, was officially opened in order to promote the movement of physical training and sports and creating a useful playground for students.

The tournament has started on October 25th and will end on November 15th, 2020. It gathers the attendants of 8 football teams and the supports of many students from different faculties of Tra Vinh University.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mr. Truong Tri Vu, a member of the Advisory Council of Tra Vinh University, shared that: “This is the first time in recent years Tra Vinh University has organized a big tournament creating a playground for students. A full educational program includes not only the accumulation of knowledge but also the training of people. In addition to soft skills, students need to have good physicality. Football is not only a recreational game but also one of the important work in the training field of current education.”.

At the end of the first match, Nhan Thanh Doc, a student of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, shared that: “In my opinion, this is a very interesting tournament. After the first match and getting the score as expected, I am very excited for the next match. In addition, this tournament helps me improve my physical health as well as increase team solidarity.”.