Maintain the model of “Community College”



(TVU) – The Vietnam Association of Community Colleges held the Congress of the Vietnam Community College Association for the term 2021-2026 on March 31 at Ha Tay Community College (Chuong My, Hanoi). In the new term, the Vietnam Association of Community Colleges proposes to continue maintaining the “community college” model in the coming time.


According to the Organizing Committee, after 21 years of applying the “community college” model, 15 years of construction and development, especially in the last 2016-2021 term, the Executive Board of the Vietnam Association of Community Colleges together with member units have achieved many important successes.

From the early days with 11 members, now the Association has more than 80 members. This shows that the organization and operation model of the Association has attracted the wide attention of many organizations and individuals, universities, colleges, intermediate schools, experts, and teachers. nationwide.

The number of international partners signing cooperation agreements and participating in activities with the Association is increasing, in 2006, the Association only had cooperative relations with 6 international organizations, by the end of 2021, the number of organizations International organizations become partners and implement cooperation activities with the Association and its member units of 78 units (increasing 12 times). The Association organizes many international cooperation activities, and cooperation between members is very effective, helping to connect and create conditions for members to develop together.

During the 2016-2021 term, the Association advised and proposed regimes and policies to ministries, departments, and branches on issues related to policies on the development of higher education, vocational education, etc. There are issues directly related to the development of the community college model.

According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh, President of the Vietnam Association of Community Colleges, after 15 years of operation, to serve the common good and the growth of each member and the Association, the Association of Colleges. The Vietnamese community is always aiming for and developing a lifelong learning model, making positive contributions to the socio-economic development of Vietnam and each individual in the community, and promoting community awareness. correctly understand the role of the community college model in the development of human resources and socio-economics of the country.

The Congress for the term 2021-2026 was held in the context of the education and training industry nationwide being heavily affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, many activities of the Association, especially international cooperation and promotion activities. the project encountered many difficulties. However, the Association and its member units always try and adapt to overcome difficulties and maintain the activities of each member unit.

This Congress of the Association has the task of summarizing, objectively, and comprehensively assessing the achieved results and also the shortcomings, drawing lessons from the implementation of the Resolution of the General Meeting of the term. 2016-2021 of the Association. At the same time, supplement and amend many points in the Association’s charter and set out directions and tasks for the development of the Association in the period of 2021-2026.

In the 2016-2021 term, in the trend of streamlining to improve operational efficiency, some localities have implemented to bring vocational education institutions together into one focal point to become a unified college. . Some schools after the merger still keep their names such as Dong Thap Community College, Ca Mau Community College; Some schools change their name but still keep the philosophy and operating model of community colleges.

Based on maintaining and developing the “Community College” model, creating favorable conditions for this model to develop, the Vietnam Association of Community Colleges proposes to continue maintaining the model and keeping the brand “College College”. community” for community colleges that have and will establish many schools following the operation model of community colleges in the coming time. At the same time, piloting the establishment of a training program appraisal council based on gathering qualified scientists and lecturers from member universities to open new subjects at the intermediate to university level with other universities. member…

In particular, this congress elect a new Board of Directors who are typical and dedicated teachers to continue to build and develop the Association and the community college model in Vietnam.