Remarkable achievements of TVU youth in 2022 – 2023 academic year


(GSV-GV.TVU) – With their energetic and devoted attitude, the youth of Tra Vinh University have accomplished significant achievements in the 2022 – 2023 academic year through a variety of creative activities and practical projects that highlight the uniqueness of the TVU youth.

The youth of TVU have been encouraging young people to study and comprehend the Youth Union Congress Resolution, strengthening the application of Marxism-Leninism and the ideology of Ho Chi Minh, and spreading the innovative policies of the Party, Party Directive 42-CT/TW, Youth Union Directive 01, and other directions of the Tra Vinh Provincial Youth Union.

Moreover, 900 supporting meals have been given to difficult patients at Tra Vinh University Hospital. 3.500 kg of rice, 350 T-shirts, and numerous essential goods totaling over 120 million VND, including medicine, functional foods, and cash, have been given to families in difficult situations and elderly people living alone. Over 300 people have received free medical examinations and medication, and 1,000 people have also received dental consultation and treatment.

More than 1.000 gift packages containing toothpaste and coats have been provided in the oral health care program. Furthermore, several youth projects, environmental sanitation events, plastic waste collecting days, and tree planting and care activities have all been completed. As a result, more than 25 tons of garbage have been collected, and 12.540 new trees have been planted. Plus, 1.480 families have been encouraged to limit the use of plastic bags through the propaganda of the negative impacts of plastic waste.

Over 450 TVU students formed 11 volunteer teams to support the High School Graduation Examination Support Program at 11 main spots and 01 backup spot. The teams assisted candidates in traveling to the exam locations, ensuring traffic safety at exam locations, and providing free meals, masks, drinking water, and stationery. Over 150 million VND were spent in total to carry out the campaign.

The youth of TVU have accomplished every goal set forth by the Tra Vinh Provincial Youth Union. Some of the typical accomplishments include cleaning 15km of rural roads, removing bushes on a 10km long road, cleaning up 02 collapsed houses, planting and taking care of flowers along the sides of the road, as well as assisting with the installation of VNEID, Lam Viec Tot, and Huong nghiep – Lead With Lof applications for more than 500 households and 630 students in Tan Son and Kim Son. Furthermore, 60 presents worth a total of 30 million VND have been given to families in financial need.

Charity meals have been made for 50 elderly people living alone in Ong Rum hamlet. Young people have also coordinated with health stations to examine and provide free medicine to 40 people. Students in need have received presents totaling 30 million VND, including schoolbooks, backpacks, children’s syrup, and five bicycles, in addition to fifteen scholarships. Furthermore, a 40 million VND charity house has been constructed. A 2km of road now has 40 million VND worth of solar lights installed, while a 3km rural road worth 30 million VND has been renovated.

Besides, at the festive gatherings of the Mid-Autumn Festival, programs such as musicales, games, and gift distribution were specifically organized for children and the elderly. Accordingly, more than 1.500 gifts (snacks, candies, lanterns, milk, etc.) with a total value of over 150 million VND were given to children and the elderly in Chau Thanh District, Tra Cu District, Duyen Hai District, Tieu Can District, Cang Long District, and Tra Vinh City.

The “Startup Ideas Competition for Tra Vinh University Students” in 2023 attracted 147 submissions from over 500 students. The 69 chosen projects have received funding to develop prototypes.

28.5 million VND were donated to build CQ boats for Truong Sa soldiers, and 33.6 million VND were provided to Dien Bien province as part of the “Millions of hearts – Thousands of happy homes” project. On top of that, young people have never stopped spreading “a good news every day, a beautiful story every week” and using Facebook and Zalo to prevent and refute the misinformation of hostile forces in cyberspace. 4.037 articles have been posted and gained 42.810 views overall.

For the 40th anniversary of Vietnamese Teachers’ Day, a musical night was held to honor the occasion and award scholarships from various organizations. The scholarships were granted by the Professor Nguyen Thien Thanh Scholarship, the Intellectual Charity Fund, the Heroic Martyr Nguyen Thai Binh Scholarship, the Fondation de la Chenelière Scholarship by Prof. Vo Van Truong, the Les Amis de France Scholarship, the Scholarship by Vietnamese Alumni at Los Banos University (the Philippines), and the Vong Tay Thai Binh Scholarship from Ms. Tran Khanh Tuyet. The total value of these scholarships topped one billion VND.

TVU and Tuoi Tre Newspaper collaborated on a freshmen support program in 2022 that provided 15 million VND in assistance to 09 students facing difficult circumstances. Also, 03 students were awarded the “Raise the valedictorian’s step” scholarship, which was given out in collaboration with Tien Phong Newspaper and the Vietnam Young Talent Support Fund. During the Summer Youth Volunteer Campaign, TVU youth additionally provided 175 struggling kids with 30 meals, 115 presents, 15 scholarships, and 5 bicycles, for a total of 45 million VND.

According to Ms. Pham Le Phuong Thao, Standing Member of the Tra Vinh Provincial Youth Union, Secretary of the Youth Union, and President of the Tra Vinh University Student Association, young people of TVU have enthusiastically contributed to a variety of events during the previous academic year. In the 2023 – 2024 academic year, TVU youth will carry on implementing existing programs, making necessary adjustments to better fit the current situation, while simultaneously coming up with new ways to draw in more students and young people.

By Lan Anh