RYNAN Technologies Vietnam consults and recruits students of Tra Vinh University


On March 2021, RYNAN Technologies Vietnam held an interview and recruitment with students of Tra Vinh University. More than 150 final-year students of various fields are excited and take part in that recruitment session.

RYNAN Technologies – Vietnam Joint Stock Company needs recruiting students from different fields including Information technology, Electronic and Telecommunication, Software, System Programming, Automation, Mechatronics, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Applied Math, Aquaculture, Chemical, Biology, Agriculture, Food Industry, Business Administration, Marketing, and Graphic Design.

Ms. Huynh Thi Thuy Nhan, Head of Human Resources of My Lan Group, said: “The program aims to find and recruit staff for our company. We are focusing on final-year students of many different majors such as information technology, mechanics, electronics and automation, agriculture, fisheries, … Especially the company is developing in the fields of artificial intelligence and supply chains for agricultural solutions.


Also, the students were introduced to the Coop program – cooperation between RYNAN Technologies – Vietnam Joint Stock Company and Tra Vinh University, specifically, for those who are participating in this program, when doing internships, will be supported with the amount of 2 million VND/month, supported meals at the company’s cafeteria and other labor protections. Besides, students will be able to experience the work of their majors. My Lan Group’s criteria for recognizing and looking for staff are honesty, positivity enthusiasm and open-mindedness.

My Nhien