Seminars on soft skills by Canadian Volunteer at Tra Vinh University


Teachers and students of the School of Medicine and Pharmacy of Tra Vinh University had opportunity in learning and sharing the important soft kills with Ms.  Lori Dengler, volunteer from WUSC, Canada during three weeks from July 26 to August 12, 2016.

Ms. Lori Dengler’s four training sessions focused on three main soft skills: conflict resolution, change management and communication skills and got the enthusiastic involvement of about 100 teachers and students of Tra Vinh University’s School of Medicine and Pharmacy.

In Ms. Lori Dengler’s presentations, she shared the principles and styles in the conflict resolution issue; mentioned the effective methods for managing changes through ADKAR model in the change management; and finally conveyed and instructed the students and teachers with techniques and processes in the communication skills about how to communicate effectively in medical treatment environment.

Building soft skills in every student is long-term and continuous focal point that Tra Vinh University always puts in its high concern since the beginning of building training programs and the Center for Teaching and Learning is taking its main responsibility for this important role.

By Minh Nhut