Tra Vinh University students return to classes after online learning


(TVU) – February 9th, 2022 – All students have returned to Tra Vinh University, ready to enroll directly with full caution and comply with the 5K message which is “Facemask – Disinfection – Distance – No gathering – Health declaration”.

Stabilizing the pandemic situation for direct admission

Under the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic since the holidays of April 30 and May 1, 2021, Tra Vinh University has switched to online teaching and learning for students to ensure the training progress. Learning online for a long time has greatly affected the psychology of students, especially freshmen.

Realizing the concerns of students and parents, the university authorities had prepared to welcome students back to study directly before the 2022 Lunar New Year. The statistics on the number of students who completed their full Vaccine doses as well as F0 students who recovered from the disease are also focused on.

Specifically, from February 9, students in distant provinces will start returning to school, since the direct schedule will start from February 14. Students have nearly a week to settle in and self-monitor their health before enrolling. In addition to the thoughtful preparation of accommodation in the dormitory, the teaching equipment and classrooms have all been checked and disinfected, the medical team of Tra Vinh University Hospital along with teachers is also in the willingness of responding to situations that are likely to arise.

Welcoming international students

TVU organized to welcome international students back to school on February 10. The pick-up setting has been carefully prepared from the stage of picking students up at the border gate, moving directly to the dormitory, taking body temperature, rapid Covid testing as well as 3-day self-monitoring at the dormitory.

Chhun Lypor, an international student in Cambodia who is currently in the third year of Medical school, said: “I am very pleased that the school has supported the procedures for us to return to study directly and pick up students at the border gate helps us feel more secure to prepare for admission. I am very grateful to the University staff and teachers for taking care of international students.”

Being ready for studying directly

After a long time of online learning, going to school makes many students very excited, but many students and families also show their anxiety, especially the freshmen of the course of 2021 since this is the first time they go to the university.
Tang Ngoc Diep, a second-year English major student, shared: “Because of having to study online for a long time and not being able to meet my teachers and friends, I felt very happy when I heard that I could go back to school. Moreover, I can see that the school has prepared very carefully to welcome students, so I also feel very secure.”

Student Bich Huyen, majoring in Primary Education Pedagogy shared: “This is the first time I enrolled directly since being admitted to TVU, so I feel very nervous. But as soon as I arrived at the school gate, I was welcomed attentively and enthusiastically helped with the admission procedures, registering for accommodation at the dormitory quickly, so I was very happy and ready for admission.”

Ms. Nguyen Thi Lan, a parent from Ca Mau, said: “My family departed from Ca Mau by motorbike at dawn, in order for my child to complete the admission procedures and register for accommodation at the dormitory. At first, we felt very nervous, but when we arrived at the school gate, we were greeted and supported devotedly by volunteers. I can see that the environment here is very cool and fresh. I feel very secure and satisfied that the student reception stage is very attentive, the dormitory is equipped with very comfortable facilities.”

Lan Anh – Tin Di