Tangerines in Cang Long meet VietGAP standard


The Production Development Support Project Tangerine plants, The National Target Program (NTP) in building the new countryside (September 2020 – December 2020), are deployed by the Center for Climate Change Adaption Research and Community Development Support (CRCS) – Tra Vinh University and transferred to people in Binh Phu commune, Cang Long district, bringing high economic efficiency.

Deputy Director of CRCS Center, Mr. Nguyen Truong Sinh said that the goal is to support the Production Development Tangerines plants meeting VietGAP standard linking in the value chain, connecting production with product consumption in Binh Phu commune.

CRCS cooperated with the Department of Agriculture of Cang Long District to implement this project. The implementation time was four months from September 2020 to December 2020, with a total cost of 1,395,963,946 VND. Of which, 489,979,946 VND is deducted from the budget of the National Target Program on New Rural Construction, the rest is from local people.

The results exceed the expected standard. More than 20 hectares of tangerines in Cang Long district have met the VietGAP standard. Yield is estimated to supply annually 340 tons of fruit. This is a step big step to give the tangerines of the Cang Long District Easy access to the unaccommodating market at home and abroad, bringing high economic benefits for local people.

Ngoc Thu