The 2022 TVU’s valedictorian


(TVU) – Trần Lê Thanh Vy was a student at Nguyen Dinh Chieu High School (Ben Tre province). In this year’s university entrance exam, Thanh Vy won the valedictorian position at Tra Vinh University, majoring in Philology Education with a total score of 27 (Literature: 8.5; Geography: 9.0; CE: 9.25).

Thanh Vy was one of the new students to be commended for high achievements in the 2022 university entrance exam. She was born in a single family, with her grandmother, mother, and younger sister. Day by day, her mother and grandmother work hard to make ends meet, and take care of her and her sister’s education. The needy situation became the motivation for her compassion and efforts in studying. Thanh Vy confided: “Realizing that my family situation is single, my mother and grandmother are the mainstays of the family, I told myself not to give up and try harder.”

Throughout the 12th grade, Thanh Vy made her best efforts to study and achieve noticeable results. In addition, she also self-studies at home. Thanh Vy shared that she is still unfamiliar with new things in TVU. However, she always believes that her passion will help her get used to the university environment and strive for greater achievements. Currently, Vy is sending my application for the scholarship “Nâng bước thủ khoa” of the Vietnam Young Talent Support Fund (within the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee) and Tien Phong Newspaper.

As a freshman, Vy plans to study and work part-time at the same time to pay for her daily activities and partly support her family. Thanh Vy promised to try her best to study to continue with higher education.

By Thy Truong