The meeting between the School of Southern Khmer Language – Culture – Arts and Humanities and Union members


TVU – On the evening of May 29, the School of Southern Khmer Language – Culture –  Arts and Humanities at Tra Vinh University held a conference for dialogue between Party Committee 19, school leaders, and members of the Youth Union. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the revised Youth Law for students in 2023.

This meeting was attended by Dr. Ngô Sô Phe, a Party member and Secretary of Party Committee 19, who is also the Rector of the School of Southern Khmer Language – Culture –  Arts and Humanities, as well as leaders from various faculties, departments, and affiliated school unions.

Over 600 students majoring in English Linguistics, Chinese Linguistics, Khmer Teaching Education, Early Childhood Education, Primary Education, Philology Teacher Education, Musical Studies, Traditional Instrument Performance, Cultural Studies, Khmer Language, Travel Service Management, Hotel Management, and Restaurant and Food Service Management attended the conference.

Dr. Ngô Sô Phe emphasized the importance of the dialogue, as it provides an opportunity for the Party committee, school leaders, and Youth Union officials to directly hear the thoughts, aspirations, opinions, and recommendations of the delegates. This dialogue helps in addressing training tasks and policies that are relevant to the rights and interests of the Youth Union members and students. The aim is to find timely and appropriate solutions that can best serve the student’s learning needs.

Leaders of the university and its units addressed a range of questions. The questions covered topics such as academic regulations, teaching, and learning, end-of-course examinations, tuition, development of Party members among students, expansion of training professions, Internship regulations, job opportunities after graduation, concerns, wishes, and aspirations of young Party members and Union officials, and contributions towards building a strong Union.


All the students’ opinions were thoroughly addressed by the leaders and representatives of the faculties, departments, and related units. This helped the university in its ongoing efforts to enhance the quality of services provided to students.

Through this dialogue, Union members and young individuals from the School of Southern Khmer Language – Culture –  Arts and Humanities have had the opportunity to meet with and express their thoughts and aspirations to the Party committee and government leaders. These discussions have focused on issues related to the development of the Khmer language and culture, addressing the current reality and the legitimate needs of young people.

By Thy Truong


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