The situation of the orphaned twin sisters


(TVU) – Lam Phuong Nhu and Lam Lan Nhu are twin sisters with special circumstances in Hamlet 6, Cang Long Town, Cang Long District, Tra Vinh Province. However, the two sisters do not stop trying to overcome and achieve high results in their studies.

Phuong Nhu and Lan Nhu are currently second-year students majoring in Primary Education at Tra Vinh University. In the memory of the two sisters, childhood is simple and warm moments with their parents taking care of them and showing their love, but that happiness does not last long before the two sisters face a life-changing event.

Coming from a family with a tradition of education, their grandmother used to be an elementary school teacher before. Following that precious tradition, their father and mother were also determined to dedicate themselves to this noble profession.

Unfortunately, their mother suddenly passed away, leaving the two sisters with their grandparents. Before passing away, their mother only reminded their grandmother to encourage the two sisters to study.

Feeling sorry for his grandchildren, although already 72 years old, Mr. Nguyen Van Be, the grandfather of Phuong Nhu and Lan Nhu, still wanders on the path to make a living, selling lottery tickets to nurture the future dreams of his two grandchildren in university.

It is admirable that despite the difficulties, the sisters do not lose heart, studying very diligently. Outside of class time, the sisters help their grandparents with housework. The two rarely miss school, maintaining excellent student status for many years. In 9th grade, Phuong Nhu won the Encouragement Award in the provincial Excellent Student Competition in Physics. In 12th grade, Phuong Nhu won 2nd prize in the Violympic Competition at Nguyen Dang High School.

Not only studying well, the two sisters also actively participate in many school movements. Last school year, the two were in the top 200 individuals with the highest running achievement in the 9th stage of the “Steps for Community” program.

Even better, in 2021, both sisters were admitted to the Primary Education major at Tra Vinh University, but neither completed the enrollment procedures due to difficult circumstances.

Ms. Huynh Thi Ngoc Lan, a lecturer at Tra Vinh University, said: When the school knew that the two sisters did not complete the enrollment procedures, they inquired about the family situation and allowed the sisters to reserve their admission results. In 2022, the two officially enrolled at Tra Vinh University to continue their career of being teachers like their grandmother and parents.

The journey ahead for the twin sisters Phuong Nhu and Lan Nhu is still long and full of difficulties, but it cannot extinguish their hope of changing their lives. Their perseverance and willingness to study make many classmates admire them.

It is hoped that with the support of the university, community, and philanthropists, the two sisters will have the opportunity to continue their dream of going to school.