The valedictorian of Tra Vinh University got a perfect score in English


Tran Nhat Quang, a student from Nguyen Thien Thanh High School at Tra Vinh province, a new general medicine major student, has just become the valedictorian of Tra Vinh University with a total score of 3 subjects in the university entrance exam in 2021, reaching 27.25 points. Impressively, Nhat Quang gets a perfect mark of 10 points in English.

Approaching English from a young age

Sharing about family, Nhat Quang said: I am fortunate to be born in a family with parents who are English teachers. From a young age, my parents created conditions for me to listen to, read, and watch English, with encouragement and passion for foreign languages, then I often actively listen, read, and self-study. Learning English online should be as good as it is now.

When Nhat Quang knew of his opportunity to become the valedictorian of Tra Vinh University, he was happy. He said: “With a total score of 27.25 points in 3 combined entrance exams, I did not dare to think that I would be the valedictorian of the University. Until the TVU teachers contacted and informed me that I was the valedictorian of Tra Vinh University in the enrollment season 2021, I felt like bursting with joy. I am very grateful to my parents and teachers, who are always good examples to strive for this. I promise to continue to study hard so as not to betray the love of my family and teachers.

Dream of becoming a doctor

Nhat Quang said that he prefers to be a doctor to treat diseases and protect people’s health. Becoming a valedictorian at Tra Vinh University this year is the first step in reaching his dream and is a special gift to give to a teacher who fueled his career in medicine. With an advantage start of a new journey, he has to try harder to become more mature and maximize the knowledge and skills that the teachers equip him in the future.

When asked about the study method, Nhat Quang explained: “It’s a whole process, but I don’t have any special secret. Most of my study time is in the class, and then I focus on mastering the knowledge. At home, I study and can get it easily.”

On average, Nhat Quang spends 3 hours a day studying. Before the high school graduation exam, he spent more time on homework. Outside of study time, Nhat Quang often listens to music and watches movies. He also takes a short nap to relax and absorb the lesson better.

Ngoc Thu