Tra Vinh University expands cooperation in training the mechanics and dynamics sector


On April 9th, 2021, Ph.D. Nguyen Minh Hoa, TVU Vice-Rector, the head of the delegation, has a working trip and signs a cooperation agreement on the Co-op program of the mechanics and dynamics sector with businesses in Ho Chi Minh city.


TVU delegation visits equipment manufacturing factories and meets leaders of Phan Vinh Seimitsu Co. Ltd. and Nhat Long Mechanical Co. Ltd. These are two large enterprises in the field of manufacturing industrial equipment supporting in the Southeast of Vietnam.

TVU Vice-Rector Nguyen Minh Hoa gives thanks to the leaders of the companies. He said: “During the 20 years of establishment and development of TVU, the business community has always accompanied, closely linked and supported TVU in the development of training programs and vocational skills training students at businesses (Co-op), equipment sponsorship, study and research scholarships for students, internship programs for potential students, topics on interview skills, job-seeking, and recruitment.

The Vice-Rector also expects that after the meeting, Tra Vinh University and companies have the opportunity to combine cooperation in many fields, bringing Mechanics and Dynamics students to the Co-op program (trainee) at companies in Ho Chi Minh city.

During the meeting, Ph.D. Tieu Thanh Thuy, Director of the TVU Center for Teaching and Learning Development, said that the Co-op program brought students to participate in internships at enterprises over the past years. In particular, there are some key issues such as close coordination between the three parties such as universities, students, and businesses. The time for an internship in the next period ensured at least one-third of the training program (12 months). The policy for students participating in Co-op was compensated according to labor productivity; CDIO-oriented program development, etc.

Mr. Nguyen Ngo Long, Director of Nhat Long Mechanical Co., Ltd, highly appreciated the Co-op program of Tra Vinh University being implemented as a program with many outstanding features compared to the usual internship program. TVU has acknowledged the opinion of enterprises in evaluating and grading students at the end of the internship. He affirmed that he was ready to accept TVU internship students at the company. Besides, he also suggested that TVU should be flexible with the internship time at six consecutive months in the enterprise according to the specifics of the engineering sector to complete the program.

Agreeing with Nhat Long Company, Mr. Phan The Vinh, Director of Phan Vinh Seimitsu Co., Ltd, said that to increase the effectiveness of the program as well as help technical students practice more skills and adapt to the working environment as well as development orientation of the company, he also hopes that the university will implement the Co-op program in a fixed time for the new courses.

He said that “During the internship and after graduation, if the students wish to  work for a long time, we can consider and create conditions to receive them to become official members of the company.”


At the meeting, Ph.D. Nguyen Minh Hoa has signed a cooperation agreement with two companies. On this occasion, Nhat Long Mechanical Co., Ltd. signed an equipment sponsorship for the Faculty of Engineering and Technology of TVU with a total value of equipment estimated at VND 500,000,000 (five hundred million VND) to serve for teaching, research and practice.

Ngoc Thu