Tra Vinh University reduces tuition fees and subsidizes living expenses for students from central Vietnam


(TVU) – On the morning of October 28, Dr. Nguyen Minh Hoa, Vice-Rector of Tra Vinh University, said that: “Floods have caused heavy damage to the people in Central Vietnam. Many houses were engulfed; crops were severely damaged; many households were isolated by floods. Many families of Tra Vinh University students were among the flood victims.

The university leaders called on all staff, lecturers, and students to join hands and contribute to helping the people in Central Vietnam overcome the flood disaster by practical activities.

50% tuition reduction and living expenses subsidy for flood-hit Central students

Specifically, the university reduces 50% of tuition fee for the school year of 2020-2021 and provides monthly living expenses of VND 1 million to each student who is from central Vietnam, in 10 months. At first, eight students whose families were affected by the flood are immediately supported by the university. The university will continue to review the specific circumstances of each student to implement timely support policies for students.

In addition, Tra Vinh University mobilizes benefactors, officers, lecturers, and students to join hands to help the people of Central Vietnam overcome difficulties.

More than VND 100 million was mobilized from the university officials

The university mobilizes all officials and workers to donate a day’s salary, with the total amount of more than VND 100 million, to support those who are severely affected by natural disasters and floods. The University Trade Union will continue to carry out donations of clothes and necessities from benefactors sending to flood victims in Central Vietnam.

Many volunteer activities of students toward Central Vietnam

Mr. Nguyen Nhat Thanh, Secretary of Youth Union of the university, 

said “These days, the information about storm or flood as well as its damage is always monitored and updated by students. The students also encourage their friends who have relatives, family, and friends affected by natural disasters and heavy floods. In addition, there have been some practical activities including donating money, clothes, necessities, and fundraising beverage stalls,.. from branches and class unions to support the people of Central Vietnam.”.

Le Gia Phong, a student of Social work, said that the necessities and funds collected from these activities would be handed over to the Youth Union and sent to the steering committee of Tra Vinh province, to support the people in Central Vietnam, who were suffering heavy damage caused by the floods.