Tra Vinh University signed a cooperation agreement with Seojeong University, Korea


(TVU) – On July 13, 2022, Tra Vinh University held a signing ceremony of cooperation with Seojeong University (SJU), Korea, to establish and realize a cooperative relationship for developing the two universities in the field of education and international cooperation.

Dr. Nguyen Minh Hoa, Rector of Tra Vinh University and Dr. Yang Young Hee, Rector of Seojeong University, Korea signed a cooperation agreement

The representatives of Seojoeng University (SJU) include Dr. Kim Hong Yong – Chairman of the School Board; Dr. Yang Young Hee – Rector of the University and representatives of SJU Faculty, Department and Korean teachers who are working at King Sejong Institute Tra Vinh (TV KSI). On the side of Tra Vinh University, there are Dr. Nguyen Minh Hoa, Rector of the University; TVU leaders, staff and lecturers.

The content signed by the two sides related to the cooperation agreement to develop King Sejong Academy Tra Vinh (TV KSI), the KOICA project, study abroad consulting and exchange of training programs in automotive mechanics, and at the same time, proposed cooperation plans in the field of educational development.

Specifically, Seojeong University will support academic exchanges and strengthen teachers’ capacity by inviting Tra Vinh University lecturers to Korea. In addition, the two sides enhanced academic exchange activities at the Department/Faculty level to further expand and promote future exchanges between the two universities.

Tra Vinh University will establish and operate the Tra Vinh University Study Abroad Office to attract international students from the Mekong region to study at Seojeong University. Seojeong University actively supports student exchange and study abroad consulting between the two universities.

The two schools will jointly implement a global citizenship education project funded by KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency) for two years, from 2023. Specifically, SJU will match 20% of the total annual project cost as a self-expenditure fund. TVU ensures research and operation personnel so the project can continue to be implemented sustainably.

According to Dr. Nguyen Minh Hoa, Rector of Tra Vinh University, from early 2022, Tra Vinh University has recognized Korean as a non-specialized foreign language, and the KSI Korean certification has been recognized in the international certification system at the University. In order to meet the diverse needs of learners and contribute to community development, cooperation with a leading prestigious foreign university like SJU was practical and inevitable action. In the future, the two universities will expand projects and training cooperation activities, promote bilateral relationships such as signing a strategic/comprehensive partnership, and SJU will set up a training base at TVU for training strong industries such as the automobile industry and shipbuilding.

“We will do our best to promote the development and strengthen the cooperation relationship between the two countries in general and the two universities and two localities in particular in the future,” – Dr. Yang Young Hee, Rector of Seojeong University, affirmed.

Dr. Yang Young Hee, Rector of Seojeong University

By My Nhien