TVU Health Sciences students pay tribute to body donors at the Macchabée ceremony


TVU – On January 6th, 2023, students, lecturers, and doctors from the School of Medicine and Pharmacy and the School of Odonto – Stomatology attend the university’s annual Macchabée ceremony. The ceremony shows gratitude to those who donated their bodies to health science.

MSc. Doctor. Huỳnh Thị Hồng Nhung, Deputy Dean of the School of Medicine and Pharmacy, said: “At the end of each year, we—those who do medical training—come together to organize the Macchabée traditional day to express our gratitude to those who are in charge, dedicate his body for the medical profession, and honor the noble but simple, quiet but profound acts of the “silent teacher.” It is a traditional educational activity for students and is the first medical ethics lesson that every student studying in the health sector must know.

MSc. Doctor. Lê Văn Đảm, Deputy Head of the Department of Anatomy, read the sacrificial essay and express gratitude and thanks to the “silent teachers” who devote the rest of their lives to the cause of medicine.

Mr. Phạm Thanh Thuận, a Tra Vinh University medical student, expressed gratitude to those who gratitude to those who have donated their bodies to the medical profession. After the end of human life, they continue to devote themselves and leave the opportunity for the next generation to continue writing the journey of a noble life during medical students’ surgical practice hours. He always admires, respects, and is grateful to those who remain silent.

Lecturers and all students perform the procession and offer incense in the anatomy practice room. In turn, students offer incense sticks full of respect, bowing before the teachers who sacrifice for medicine. The body drapes with flowers, ties with lamps and paper cranes, and decorates the room solemnly. That is the sincere gratitude of health science students for their silent teachers.

Macchabée ceremony, also known as “Those who have donated their bodies to medicine,” is an annual ceremony of medical students to show respect and deep gratitude to those who have voluntarily dedicated their bodies to science and medical training. Since 2013, the School of Medicine and Pharmacy at Tra Vinh University has made Macchabée a traditional holiday for students majoring in health sciences.

By Hanh Nguyen