TVU students receive 2022 “Raise the valedictorians’ steps” scholarships


(TVU) – The Vietnam Young Talent Fund and Tien Phong Newspaper jointly hosted on December 1 the ceremony honoring and awarding the “Raise the valedictorians’ steps” scholarships for the southern area in 2022 in Ho Chi Minh City.

More than 300 applications were submitted for the scholarship program, according to the organizing committee, and following a selection process, 70 students from colleges in the North and 70 students from institutions in the South with good performances were awarded scholarships. Each is valued at 10,000,000 VND.


Among the students receiving the scholarships, there were three students from Tra Vinh University, including Tran Le Thanh Vy (Valedictorian) and Le Thanh Huyen (Salutatorian), students of the Philology Teacher Education class of 2022; and Chau Chia (Salutatorian), a student of the Khmer Teaching Education class of 2022.

All three TVU students getting scholarships this time have various circumstances, but all of them have conquered their fate to achieve successful outcomes, according to Mr. Pham Quoc Khanh, Deputy Head of the Student Affairs Department. Most importantly, their letters conveyed the fervent desire to reach the pinnacle of knowledge and make a positive contribution to society after graduating. Mr. Pham Quoc Khanh hoped the students would work hard to learn and practice to continue receiving scholarships in the coming years. He also expected that they would overcome hardships to succeed in their studies and fulfill their dreams.

Valedictorian Tran Le Thanh Vy expressed her gratitude to the organization by saying, “I used to believe that my family wouldn’t have adequate conditions for me to continue on my academic route, but my mother always encouraged me. As a result, I am constantly striving to excel in my studies. I really appreciate the attention and assistance I received from mentors, close friends, and kind donors to achieve where I am now.”

Salutatorian Chau Chia confided, “The scholarship fund not only enabled me to worry less about my family’s situation, but it also gave wings to my goals and provided me with confidence to study more effectively in the future. I believe that my professors and friends are there for me always, supporting me; therefore, I motivate myself to work harder on my studies.”

Salutatorian Le Thanh Huyen conveyed her sincere appreciation to the sponsors, Tien Phong Newspaper, and the Vietnam Young Talent Fund. “We respect the organizers for providing us with these special presents. Even if things are still challenging, we all have the same desire to learn, and to contribute to society.” Thanh Huyen added.

The “Raise the valedictorians’ steps” scholarship is one of the annual activities of the Vietnam Young Talent Fund, under the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee, and the standing agency Tien Phong newspaper. The program’s goal is to recognize and give scholarships to new valedictorians and students from disadvantaged backgrounds who scored highly on admission exams nationwide.

By Lan Anh