TVU students with environment protection


Environmental pollution has detrimental effects on people’s life and socio-economic development. Plastic materials in our environment such as bags and drinking water bottles are destroying our living surroundings. 

Facing these negative effects, TVU students share their hands in practically environmental activities to contribute to the protection of our surroundings.   

Visually propagating with slogans

Around the campus of Tra Vinh University, the school has installed many propaganda slogans such as “For the future of the country, protect the environment”, “Living for the environment is good for yourself”, ” “Planting a green tree is more action to protect the environment”, “Protecting the environment is protecting human health” or signs prohibiting hunting animals … are designed with environmentally friendly materials that attract the attention of students and faculty.

  “Living for the environment is good for you”

“Actively act for a clean and beautiful environment”

“Keep the TVU environment be green, clean and beautiful!”

Sorting waste by bin

Pretty red, red, green trash cans with eye-catching looks that attract all eyes. These trash cans are built throughout the school campus. In the trash, the students can sort waste into different bins, creating favorable conditions for the classification of waste from cleaning staff as well as raising people’s awareness in protecting the environment. school around the place of study and work.

Let’s protect the environment together for a comprehensive Green Tra Vinh University.