TVU – The multi-levels, multi-disciplines, multi-modes training and autonomy mechanism are taking effect


Tra Vinh University (TVU), formerly Tra Vinh Community College was formed in 2001 under Vietnam and Canada Community College Project. The project was funded and supported technologies by Department of International Development, Canada, Canada Association of Community Colleges (ACCC), some institutes in Canada such as Saskatchewan Institute of Science and Applied Technology (SIAT), Marine Institute (MI), Québec Institute of Technology of Agriculture (ITA), and Malaspina University and College, and Vietnam Government. Vietnam and Canada Community College Project proved that Canada community college model has been able to effectively implement to Vietnam educational system

After 05 years of successful implementation of the model of Vietnam – Canada Community College, Tra Vinh University was established under Decision No. 141 on June 19, 2016 by the Prime Minister; So far Tra Vinh University has become a multi-disciplinary public university operating under autonomy mechanism.

The university operates under a model of multi-level, multi-disciplinary, multi-modal training and inter-training at all levels, aiming to train and provide society with highly-skilled human resources, applied research, technology transfer and social services. Tra Vinh University always strives to “bring quality learning opportunities to community” to flexibly meet the lifelong learning needs of learners and create strong links with enterprises and recruitment units to ensure that skill-oriented training is in line with social needs through the provision of training programs from college, undergraduate, and graduate levels to people at all ages with special attention given to women, ethnic minorities and communities with special needs. Tra Vinh University strives to become a well-regarded university in the professional education system in Vietnam and internationally.

TVU Green campus

According to the 2017 Webometrics rankings, Tra Vinh University was ranked 2nd in the Southwest region, and 14th in Vietnam. According to UI GreenMetric University Ranking, Tra Vinh University is one of the only two Vietnamese universities ranked in the top 300 in the world for speed of quality improvement and sustainable green university development. TVU has effectively adopted the quality management system to meet ISO 9001-2000 standards since 2006, and up to now it has gone through the versions of ISO 9001-2008 to ISO 9001-2015. TVU has been accredited according to the new standards of the Ministry of Education and Training and is approaching international accreditation standards such as FIBAA, AUN, and ABET … Currently, TVU is a member of CDIO, and the only international member of Colleges and Institutes Canada

Facilities and teaching staff 

TVU Library

TVU Dormitory with 3500 students

TVU Hospital

The administration of the university is located at 126, Nguyen Thien Thanh Street, Ward 5, Tra Vinh City. In addition, TVU also has 02 campuses located in the inner city of Tra Vinh and 02 branches located in Duyen Hai and Cau Ngang districts. With a total area of nearly 53 hectares, Tra Vinh University includes office buildings, schools, institutes, centers; and Laboratory School.

The university has a dormitory with the capacity to house 3500 students, and an e-library connected with online digital learning resources of national and international institutes and journals.

The Scientific Journal accepted by the State Professors contains areas of research including Culture – Arts; Husbandry – Veterinary – Fisheries; Literature; and Economics. In particular, articles published in the journal are assigned DOI indexes and indexed in international databases such as Google Scholar, Crossref, and BASE, making it easy for the author’s research results to reach out to the international research community.

Auditoriums, practice and experiment areas, as well as entertainment areas for students and lecturers … have been approved by local leaders via construction investment projects, some of which have been officially put into use with equipment installed simultaneously; some others are being promoted. In general, basic facilities and equipment have fully met students’ requirements while studying at the university.

In 2006, there were only 369 staff and lecturers. Since then, the number has increased to more than 1000. The number of lecturers possessing postgraduate degrees has significantly increased to 68%.

Training Programs 

TVU currently has more  than 20 thousand students studying at all levels, with 33 graduate degree programs, 59 undergraduate degree programs and many other tailored training programs. TVU offers a variety of training methods including full-time, part-time, second degree, inter-training, international training, pre-university, online and distance, and professional training ,in areas such as Health Science, Agriculture – Aquaculture, Engineering – Technology, Foreign Languages, Economics and Laws, Southern Khmer Language – Culture and Arts, Applied Chemistry, Pedagogy, Public Management – Office Administration and Tourism, Political Theory and Foundation  Science.  

TVU  implements many training programs in cooperation with domestic enterprises and international universities, such as the Co-op training programs where students get paid interactive training with enterprises Internship programs in Israel and Japan with modern technology access and high income; the 2 + 2 training program with Vancouver Island University and a master of management program with the Philippines.

During the training process, TVU has associated with more than 700 enterprises, and employers in and outside the province through activities such as contracted training courses with enterprises, enterprises and employers joining the Program Advisory Board to contribute to the development of training programs, and practical internship support (via CO-OP program), providing annual scholarships to students and contributing to employment for students after graduation.

In order to improve the quality in training, TVU has been completing the training programs under the credit system, curriculum development in accordance with CDIO standard for appropriate programs, and implementing quality assurance systems with an approach to the criteria for national and international quality accreditation such as university level accreditation, training program level issued by the Ministry of Education and Training, the standards for program evaluation such as AUN-QA, FIBAA, ABET …

Scientific research  

Special attention has been paid to the research of students and lecturers at TVU. In the past 5 years, research practice of Tra Vinh University has changed positively. TVU has implemented nearly 100 applied research projects at university , provincial , regional , ministerial and state levels such as VietGap standard rice production model, safe vegetable production model, self-managing melon planting model by students, oyster mushroom planting model, crab farming model in Duyen Hai, wax coconut embryo culturing, disease-free giant tiger prawn breeding, VietGap Rice, and high salinity tolerant rice; designing and manufacturing equipment to detect wax coconut’s meat quantity; Data hiding and its application in digital data security, 2017-2019; Bilingual Dictionary Vietnamese – Khmer, Khmer – Vietnamese with 84,000 words.

Other research projects including “Basic and urgent issues in Khmer ethnic community in Vietnam, 2018-2020”; “Preserving and promoting the values of folk music and culture, 2018-2020”; and  “Culture in the sustainable development of the Southwest region, 2018-2020”, have contributed to economic productivity in the province.

At the same time, TVU has successfully organized many national and international conferences such as Du ke Stage Art conference in 2014, Vietnam – Hungary International Conference on sustainable agricultural development and breeding technology in 2016 with participants from more than 6 countries International Conference on Asian Australian Goat Milk Development Adapting to Climate Change in 2018 with more than 200 delegates from 18 countries.

Start Up ideas and models of TVU students have been growing in quality and feasibility in diversified projects. Established student cooperatives with a variety of student start-up models include souvenir shops, safe fruit and vegetable shops, student coffee.

TVU attempts to engage with organizations and individuals in the country, especially foreign partners and expatriates to provide scholarships for students to study and scientific research, connecting enterprises to expand job opportunities to all students.

International Collaboration  

TVU is active in establishing cooperative relationships with nearly 90 partners from 11 countries including the United States of America, the Netherlands, Canada, Spain, China, Japan, The Philippines, Singapore, Israel, Cambodia and Hungary in specific areas such as joint training; research, organizing scientific forums and seminars; lecturers and students exchange; receiving volunteers, and funding projects from international education organizations.

TVU is promoting several projects related to short-term and long-term scholarships for lecturers and students; exchanges of lecturers and students, including receiving volunteers and international experts; green university projects; developing Student research groups including the- IEEE Student Chapter at Tra Vinh University, and developing a maker space for students and lecturers.

Based on the achievements over the past 18 years, Tra Vinh University continues to maintain and promote its strengths and at the same time continuously invest in areas including: provide more facilities and equipment; enhance the quality of teaching staff and management capability; update training programs; stabilize political thinking; ensure material and spiritual life for lecturers; and create creative and dynamic learning and working environment. TVU always pursues its core values: dedication, transparency, creativity and friendliness in all activities and tries to find job opportunities for students and for student start-ups.

From the multi-level, multi-disciplinary and multi-level training model to meet the lifelong learning needs of the community, TVU strives to become one of the well-regarded Vietnamese universities in applied scientific research, cooperative training with enterprises, and a provider of standard learning utilities, a positive research environment, and quality and safe technological products for the community as part of Vietnam’s education system and internationally Tra Vinh University is known as a green, dynamic and friendly university that trains students who are both competent and persistent to meet the needs of society contributing to the educational, cultural, socio-economic development of the province, the region and the whole country.